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Manufacturing high-quality fixings


pgb-Polska is the Polish production plant of pgb-Europe, specialising in the manufacturing of hi..

Focussing on certification


Construction Anchors was founded to develop and supply a range of quality mechanical fixings and..

Tecfi solutions for seismic areas


On July 2013, the EOTA issued the Annex E of ETAG001 for the assessment of anchors for use in co..

In-depth range from INDEX Fixing Systems


INDEX Fixing Systems manufactures and controls the production process for a wide range of its pr..

Structural anchors and the Construction Products Regulation


Barbara Sorgato, secretary general of the European Consortium of Anchor Producers, reflects on t..

Optimising time-to-market


When it comes to supply chain management A.S.F Fischer says its customers are the focus point, w..

Fast and reliable screwing from Stafa


Stafa Group points out that its new Multi+® timber construction screw is both fast and reliable ..

Multiple use screw anchors


HECO has obtained a technical approval from the DIBt (German Institute of Building Technology) f..

Organisational changes at CFA


For any organisation to develop and grow, it needs to embrace change. The Construction Fixings A..

High bond strengths and low mortar shrinkage


The SMART S-IRE is a pure epoxy chemical anchor from pgb-Europe NV that offers a combination of ..

Boltight perfect for suspension bridges


Bolts connecting cables to the decks of today’s suspension bridges should be tightened simultane..

The importance of drawing-up European Standards


A report from the front line, From Barbara Sorgato, secretary general, European Consortium of An..

New ultra-thin throughbolt coating


Using the latest technology from the automotive and electronics industry, Mungo Fastening Techno..

TIMco launches innovative cavity wall fixing


TIMco has introduced the innovative cavity wall fixing, Zip-Fix, to its newly extended range of ..

The tallest mass timber building in the world


The tallest mass timber building in the world is currently being erected at the University of Br..

fischer continues to grow


The fischer group of companies reported a 6.2% growth in revenues for the 2016 financial year, r..

High performance steel anchors


The new VE.1CE heavy-duty through steel anchor, with ETA Option 1 (ETA – 16/0885), is the most r..

Multiple options for concrete fastening


Eurotec has a wide range of solutions for concrete fixings including a torque controlled expandi..

New ETAs for HECO’s universal and wood screws


Screw manufacturer HECO continually invests in product innovations and the optimisation of exist..

Guaranteed quality with INDEX


INDEX Fixing Systems manufactures and controls the production process for a wide range of its pr..

Recent developments in construction fixings


In this article Mark Salmon of Independent Fixing Consultants outlines some of the most signific..

Tecfi adds further C2 certifications


At the previous Fastener Fair Stuttgart in 2015, Tecfi showcased its HXE-CONCRETO® concrete scre..

WIROX®: A new innovative galvanic plating


State of the art screws and fasteners need to be reliable, durably resistant to wear and tear, e..

A simple, easy way to drill into hard stone


The new wear resistant HARDTEC drill bit, with a special diamond ground carbide tip, has been de..

Apolo doubles its chances


Apolo has entered two new innovations into this year’s Route To Fastener Innovation Competition ..

Fixbolt at Stuttgart


At Fastener Fair Stuttgart Spanish-based Lusan will be presenting its full range of products, in..

TENZ low energy screws


Wood is a pure, living and sustainable material, which is why TENZ has introduced a revolutionar..

BladeFixer – the heavyweight champion of plasterboard fixings


Select Products states that its new BladeFixer brand is the world’s first plasterboard fixing th..

MULTI-MONTI®-plus: HECO screw anchor with ETA


The new screw anchor MULTI-MONTI®-plus (MMS-plus) from HECO for cracked and non-cracked concrete..

Ova-Lok®: Suitable for fixing all types of materials


With a unique oval thread and shank, as opposed to a standard round thread and shank, Tite-Fix s..

KEEP-NUT® receives ETA


Specialinsert Srl has announced that its KEEP-NUT®, a revolutionary self-anchoring insert for st..

One system, many applications


German-based Eurotec GmbH believes that its injection mortar – a powerful composite mortar based..

A specialist in fixing solutions


fischer Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH is renowned as a specialist in fixing solutions, with the com..

Bossong chemical anchors and respect for the environment


Today more than ever respect for the environment is of paramount importance to ensure sustainabi..

The Italian manufacturer of approved construction fixings


G&B Fissaggi Srl offers products of the highest quality and certified performance, with its ..

For high loads in timber construction – HECO-TOPIX® full threaded screws


The screw specialist HECO-Schrauben GmbH & Co KG has expanded its range of wood screws with ..

Chemical versus mechanical anchors – the pros and cons


Mark Salmon, Independent Fixing Consultants Those responsible for choosing fixings for an..

fischer – committed to its values and people


fischer is synonymous with innovative fixing solutions and has established itself as a key brand..

New version of INDEXcal


INDEXcal has been designed using the framework of the European Consortium of Anchor Producers (E..

New website and 2017 catalogue


INDEX Fixing Systems has updated its website to feature a responsive design, which means it can ..

CAMO Edge Fastening™ from National Nail


US-based National Nail Corp states that its CAMO Edge Fastening™ delivers beautiful, faste..

Screw clips from Tillex


Tillex has developed cable clips with screws, requiring no plugs, which make it easier for users..

New ETA for ‘Rock’ concrete screws


Eurotec GmbH has announced that its ‘Rock’ concrete screw has recently received a European Techn..

Lightweight anchoring


In 48 years Mungo Befestigungstechnik AG has gained the experience and technical know-how to dev..

Discover the new Self-Service catalogue from INDEX


INDEX Fixing Systems has introduced its new Self-Service catalogue, which includes all self-serv..

Rounding off the year in style…with fischer fixings UK


Further success has come from an increase in the size of the sales team; record breaking sales m..

Hilti: Seventy-five and serious about innovation


What began 75 years ago, with production of engine components in Liechtenstein, has become a ren..

Beech joiner biscuits


Marcopol Sp z.o.o has recently added high–quality beech joiner biscuits, or lamello biscuits, to..

New generation of Mungo concrete screws


Mungo Befestigungstechnik AG has introduced a new and innovative generation of concrete screws. ..

Samac is the Champion for collated nails


Suitable for all main brands of nailer, Champion collated nails from distributor Samac Fixings L..

EJOT Building Fasteners Division reorganised


At the beginning of the new business year the EJOT Group restructured its Building Fasteners Div..

New HECO product catalogue


As its existing product range is being continuously adapted and expanded, screw manufacturer HEC..

SMART® fixings from pgb-Polska


pgb-Polska sp z.o.o is a manufacturer of high-quality nylon, steel and chemical anchors, develop..

New anchor for hollow ceilings


INDEX Fixing Systems has launched into the market a new anchor for hollow ceilings — HC &m..

Bossong leads from the front


Thanks to continuous investment and the experience it has gained in the field of fastening syste..

Vortex™ screws ‘going down a storm’


The Vortex™ screw from Hexstone Group is recognised in the industry for its premium qualit..

EOTA supports innovation in the construction market, By Peter D. Schellinck, EOTA secretary general


So, who is EOTA and what do we do? We are the ‘European Organisation for Technical Assessment’. ..

WOODIES® Ultimate screws enter international market


Ever since WOODIES® Ultimate wood screws were introduced to the local Dutch market seven years a..

Hollo-Bolt® specified on a 73-storey skyscraper


After recently receiving the Los Angeles Research Report (LARR) and full seismic approval from I..

Safe anchorage by fischer for Olympic venues in Rio


In August 2016, when the Olympic Games will be opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the focus will ..

Innovation, design and manufacture


Construction Anchors Inc, based in Taipei, Taiwan, was established in 2014 with the vision of pr..

Sormat updates ITH-Pe injection resin


Finnish-based Sormat Oy has introduced an updated version of the versatile polyester-based injec..

Concealed fastening of decking boards


High-quality decking timbers are an eye-catching feature of every garden. Their refined appearan..

INDEX Fixing Systems updates INDEXMor


INDEX Fixing Systems, a manufacturer and industrial supplier of anchor systems, has expanded the..

New Ultracut FBS II concrete screw


fischer has always been at the forefront of innovation and the new fischer Ultracut concrete scr..

TIMco: Stronger together


On 19th – 20th May TIMco (T.I. Midwood & Co Ltd) held its first networking conference at the..

UIP reacts to differing challenges


German manufacturer UIP GmbH & Co KG has expanded its chemical adhesive range to include sev..

Innovation, design and manufacture


Construction Anchors Inc, based in Taipei, Taiwan, was established in 2014 with the vision of pr..

Sulzer acquires PC Cox


Sulzer Ltd recently acquired PC Cox Group Ltd, headquartered in Newbury, UK, with the manufactur..

G&B launches GETO wood screws


Experience, quality, safety, research and innovation, these have been the key words that G&B..

BECK staples now in outer space


The Austrian company RUAG Space GmbH recently tasked BECK Fastener Group with the development of..

pgb-Europe acquires HAPAX


pgb-Europe NV, a full service supplier of fasteners, components and hand tools, recently acquire..

Eurotec adds to concrete fixing range


Eurotec GmbH has extended its concrete fixing range by introducing the Eurotec bolt anchor – a t..

JCP releases 2016 price list


JCP Construction Products, the specialist fixings division of Hexstone Group, has enhanced its o..

Safely securing connections in structural steel


From the Empire State Building in New York to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Burj Khalifa in..

Vorpa adds anchoring star to its portfolio


Vorpa Srl is constantly working on new projects to upgrade its products and technologies – aimed..

Eurotec uses magnetism


Economy, reduced workload and continuous improvement are the key focus points for German-based E..

High-quality, certified anchors


G&B Group offers a wide range of high-quality, certified products including nylon fixing sys..

Great versatility and simple installation


German screw manufacturer HECO-Schrauben GmbH & Co KG has expanded its current range of deck..

UIP establishes subsidiary in India


In October 2015 UIP GmbH & Co KG established a subsidiary in India. Vikram Lyer, managing di..

Tecfi – meeting R&D demands


Founded in 1997, Tecfi SpA has established itself within the fixing market as a leader in resear..

Undercut anchoring solutions from Sormat


To partner the established Sormat Liebig® Superplus BLS – Sormat Oy has introduced the new Super..

New through bolt anchor with sheradised clip


The MTP-X, with ETA Option 1 (ETA – 12/0397), is the most recent addition to INDEX Fixing System..

Hexstone launches Thunderbolt™ with ETA


Hexstone – the UK’s largest wholesale supplier of fasteners, fixings, hardware and ironmongery –..

Anchoring for extreme conditions


During the construction of Milan Expo 2015, several Bossong SpA anchors were installed in the bu..

Stronger fixing made easy


Designed to combine fast and easy use with improved drive, the Performance Plus wood screw is th..

Quilosa® expands sealants, adhesives and foams range


Spanish brand Quilosa®, member of the Selena Group, has expanded its product range to include Aq..

Free empirical testing from Evolution


Evolution Fasteners Ltd is taking a bold step of offering free empirical testing in its UKAS acc..

TIMco expands popular C2 range


Following on from the success of the C2 screw, TIMco (T.I. Midwood & Co Ltd) has launched th..

New TH range from INDEX


INDEX Fixing Systems has launched its new TH range of ETA Option 1 approved fixings, which are a..

New solutions for all types of materials


ZZE-Handyplug®, the HDPE multipurpose anchor for ETICS (external thermal insulation composite ma..

Vanke Pavilion created with KEIL attachment technology


An exhibition pavilion with a particularly impressive façade design was created for the Milan Ex..

Hollo-Bolt receives seismic approval


Lindapter has announced its Hollo-Bolt has received full ICC-ES seismic approval, giving enginee..

DeWalt® promotes best fixing practice


DeWalt® is promoting best fixing practice in accordance with BS 8539 with its recently launched ..

UIP makes its mark


Founded in 2010 UIP GmbH & Co KG has established itself in the building sector, from housing..

fischer UK beginning 2016 in position of strength


The experienced and enthusiastic team at fischer fixings UK Ltd is stepping into 2016 with plans..

Gecko U8 screw-in anchor receives ETA


FRÖWIS AG, based in Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, recently received a European Technical Assessment..

The new HECO-UFIX® MDF screw


HECO-Schrauben GmbH & Co KG has supplemented its range with the HECO-UFIX® MDF – a versatile..

New ZZE-Handyplug® from Tecfi


Tecfi SpA recently launched its new ZZE-Handyplug®, a HDPE multipurpose anchor for ETICS, which ..

Stella performance from Tillex


Tillex says that its Stella plugs provide a quick and easy solution for fixing heavy objects in ..

Light-duty solutions from pgb


pgb-Polska z.o.o – the Polish production plant of pgb-Europe NV – is able to supply a selection ..

The common pitfalls of anchor specification


By Brian Deluce, technical manager at JCP Construction Products, part of the Hexstone Group ..

Special frame plug for hollow bricks and blocks


Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme GmbH has received a European Technical Assessment (ETA – 14/0336) ..

Confidence is good; approvals are better


Hilti Group has recently received European Technical Assessments for a selection of its anchors,..

New Option 1 ETA for Profix PIT


Swiss-based Profix AG has introduced the new Profix PIT injection type anchor, which has receive..

New long length Super Tek timber tek screws


Based in Glasgow, UK, Evolution Fasteners Ltd has announced that its technical department has no..

Technically advanced fixing solutions


We all want safe, reliable products but with so many options on the market it can become a diffi..

Manufacturing ETA fixings


Offering high performance fixing systems, and a full range of packing possibilities, pgb Polska ..

Fixing in high temperature


Installing standard chemical anchors in tropical climates around the world can prove difficult, ..

High-quality, certified products


Headquartered in Italy, G&B Fissaggi Srl offers a wide range of high-quality, certified prod..

Getting the SME voice heard


This summer Phil Matten sat in on the General Assembly of the European Consortium of Anchor Prod..

Rothoblaas recognised for innovation


At the 7th edition of the Schweighofer Prize in Vienna, Austria, Italian-based Rothoblaas was aw..

INDEX Fixing Systems: Certified quality


INDEX Fixing Systems has continued to broaden its range of ETA and CE approved products with the..

CROSS reports screw bolt anchor failure


The latest CROSS confidential report on structural safety from the Institution of Structural Eng..

Construction Fixings Association expanding


The Construction Fixings Association (CFA) recently gained a new ‘full member’ and appointed a n..

New generation of timber connector gains ETA


Innovative German wood connection system manufacturer, Pitzl Metallbau GmbH & Co KG, has rec..

New JCP Anchor Calculation Program


JCP Construction Products has launched the next generation of its Anchor Calculation Program (AC..

New handpicked SPAX® assortments at Lederer


As a well-known specialist in the field of stainless steel screws, Lederer GmbH is enhancing its..

INDEX presents new ETA approved drop-in anchor


INDEX Fixing Systems has introduced the HE-HO – a new approved drop in anchor with internal thre..

Against the strain – transverse reinforcement with double-threaded screws


Here HECO Schrauben GmbH & Co KG looks at supporting timber structures and the need for stre..

Traditional fixing methods – a thing of the past


Established in 1966, Soudal NV is a manufacturer of sealants, PU foams and adhesives, which serv..

Secure fixing for secondary steel connections


John Kay, UK sales manager at Kee Safety Ltd – a global supplier of steel to steel connectors, d..

GripIt® appoints global distributor


GripIt® has announced that RS Components has become its preferred distribution partner for the s..

Lindapter: Safely securing steelwork


Established in 1934, Lindapter International says that it has built upon its proud history of de..

Vorpa increases its approval portfolio


With the addition of the VHS-C middle duty anchor, Vorpa says it has added another fast, safe an..

G&B Group celebrating 35 years of quality


G&B Group is celebrating 35 years of certified quality, experience and innovation, as well a..

ECAP and wood connectors


Barbara Sorgato is secretary general of the European Consortium of Anchor Produc..

New MTP-G sherardised through bolt anchor


The MTP-G, ETA approved in Option 1 (ETA – 12/0397) is the most recent addition to the wide rang..

Setting anchors without the need to clean out the drill hole


Anchoring extreme loads safely in cracked and uncracked concrete – that’s the world of the fisch..

Approval for SWG ASSY® screws in Canada and the US


SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH has announced that it has received ESR-3178 and ESR-3179 approva..

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