REYHER - Driven by tradition: heading for the future

Ferdinand Reyher founded the company as a ship’s chandler directly in the Port of Hamburg in 1887. Karl Tede and Otto Meyer took over the company in October 1901. From then on the company has been called F. REYHER Nchfg. – with family members in management positions. After the complete destruction of the offices and warehousing, a new age was heralded with the rebuilding in 1949. REYHER specialises in trading with fasteners, setting the stage for today’s business.

New top management for REYHER

    For 124 years REYHER has been a highly competent, reliable supplier in the field of fastener and fixing technology. Since the start of this year REYHER has had a new top management. Hartwig Müggenburg and Harm Schmitt have moved from senior management into the advisory board, handing the baton over to Peter Bielert and Winfried Gretz, both holding Ph.Ds. Peter Bielert is responsible for logistics, accounting and finance, human resources, product and quality management, IT, and e-Business/product added value. Winfried Gretz is responsible for sales and marketing, material management, market services and processes, and advertising. This means the start of a new era for REYHER.

    Parallel to the top management changes at REYHER in Hamburg, REYHER Asia Pacific has been restructured. The Shanghai office has been managed by Thomas Haug since mid-summer. With the branch in Shanghai REYHER can support quality control on the spot, coordinate sourcing activities and intensify contact with its suppliers.

Expanding capacity

    In the past 10 years the technical trading company REYHER has invested more than 40 million euros in its Hamburg operation, both in logistics capacity and office buildings. Now a further logistics complex is being built involving the investment of 15 million euros.

    The new complex has a capacity of 7,500m² of space that will be home to an additional dispatch centre. The three-storey building with four additional loading bays and 30 jobs will be completed at the end of this year. On the roof of the new building is a new conference centre with a capacity of up to 90 people.

    REYHER’s objectives with the new building lie in increased productivity in the manpower intensive, high quality Kanban stock management system, as well as proper handling of higher quantities and quality demands into the future.

    The new warehouse extends over three floors. At its heart are ergonomically optimised dispatch workplaces. Here the order containers with picked goods as well as the empty Kanban containers come to the operators fully automatically. Cutting-edge conveyor technology facilitates the delivery of 1,000 containers per hour to the dispatch workplaces. These were developed by a team from various technical and operative areas to considerably improve productivity and ensure a high level of acceptance by the staff, through the ergonomically optimised workplaces.

New RIO Webshop

    As one of the first companies in the field REYHER introduced its browser-supported RIO Webshop, Reyher Internet Order, eight years ago. To improve the system architecture the Webshop is undergoing further technical development and being modernised, so that users will have unfettered access to the Webshop into the future.

    Valued, proven functions are being positioned by applying the Magento shop system. Additionally, the users will have a new layout available commensurate with current Internet standards. Combined with this are numerous user improvements, without having to deviate too strongly from well-established routines.

    Mail integration for messages is being improved. The detailed view is being restructured and the content extended. Each user will have a number of favourites and shopping carts available for use. Moreover the order processes are being considerably simplified.

    Parallel to the renewal of RIO Webshop, is the remodelling of the Internet page A common layout was developed for the Homepage and Webshop to create a unified online presence with a high level of brand recognition. Additionally, a unified design and the visualisation of a shopping cart on the Homepage should create a closer intermeshing between the Webshop and the Internet page. The Internet page is being programmed using TYPO 3, facilitating further features such as an online catalogue, for example.

    REYHER is continuing its tradition of recent years of aligning itself with market requirements through wise investments and developments. This means that REYHER is excellently equipped for future success in the field of fastener and fixing technology.

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