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Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2017 also featured a new seminar programme, hosted by Fastener + Fixing Magazine, which took place in a special auditorium in Hall 5. Across the three days there was a wide variety of presentations from leading exhibitors and key associations that focused on major topics within the fastener and fixing industry – attracting over 300 attendees.

The first day of the seminar programme saw a selection of presentations focusing on the latest developments in cold forming technologies. Enrico Brigatti, commercial director at SACMA Group, focused on a variety of topics including the evolution of the parts shape; improving precision with the SACMA TR systems; expanding the limits with the SACMA Feeding Package – SFP; challenging the future with SACMA’s WF S-Forging concept; and implementing innovations with mechatronics and formers.



Other seminars included Jerry Bupp, vice-president of sales and marketing at National Machinery LLC, who gave a presentation looking at FORMAX® XXV and the advancements in cold forming and robotic technology; Christian Bürgin, head of business unit machines and member of the management board at Hatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd, concentrated on the current developments in servo drives and the forming of high alloyed raw materials; and Manuel Vogelsang, head of the thread rolling die department at WAFIOS Umformtechnik GmbH, looked at induction heating in heading machines.



At the heart of the seminar programme were presentations from leading authoritative industry speakers that drew a large audience throughout the second day.



Dr Volker Lederer, president of the European Fastener Distributors’ Association (EFDA) and managing director of Lederer GmbH, considered the outlook for the European fastener importers and distributors during 2017, as well as how EFDA supports its national associations and independent company members.



Phil Matten, executive editor at Fastener + Fixing Magazine, analysed the latest developments in the EU trade defence policy and considered the implications for European fastener manufacturers and importers.



Anders Karlsson, president of the European Industrial Fastener Institute (EIFI), reviewed the activities of EIFI and the wide ranging benefits it delivers to its members.



Finally on day two, Thomas Holland-Letz, deputy managing director/technical officer of Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie e.V. (Association of German tool manufacturers) gave a presentation on behalf of Construction Fixings Europe and the PGM Certification Board for Masonry Drill Bits that looked at the trends in anchor installation, such as the use of multi-cutting drill bits, hollow drill bits, diamond drill bits and borehole cleaning.



The final day of the presentation programme included presentations on the latest developments in coating technologies from leading companies within the sector. Dennis Stritter, R&D engineering at Atotech Deutschland GmbH focused on several topics including corrosion protection in the automotive market; a comparison of alkaline versus acid ZnNi – performance, corrosion protection and coefficient of friction; as well as CP coatings – Zn or ZnNi coatings plus solvent-based topcoats.


Eduard Rybka, European sales manager at Magni Group, discussed efficient corrosion protection under extreme conditions and finally Guus Vermeulen, director of business development – Europe at Greenkote Plc, introduced Greenkote thermal diffusion coatings – background, application method, advantages and case studies.