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New expanded Rivit catalogues


Rivit Srl has introduced two new technical catalogues dedicated to its industry division – the 8/1 Blind Rivets Catalogue and the 4/2 Rivet Nuts Catalogue.

These new publications are extremely easy to use catalogues, and researching products for different needs is now very simple. All the information is immediate and clear, the technical data and the applications quickly illustrate the product features.
In the Blind Rivets Catalogue, 200 pages illustrate the comprehensive rivit range of blind, structural, special rivets and speed rivets in cartridge – each entry
accompanied by technical sheets, images and applications.
Among the most significant news, are the extra-long AFT rivets, for the building industry; Bulb-tite rivets with gasket CE certified for photovoltaic applications; and Canriv connecting rivets, featuring a large head on both sides.
The Rivet Nuts Catalogue has been enriched with A4 stainless steel rivet nuts, available with semi-hexagonal, open or closed end shank. Further new special rivet nuts have also been added:
- STREP-G rivet nuts in A4 stainless steel with underhead.
- THINSERT reduced rivet nuts.
- RIVBOLT in A2 stainless steel, with dome and hexagonal head.
- DISERT spacer rivet nuts.
- NYLONSERT rivet nuts with nylon body.
Both catalogues also illustrate the large range of Rivit riveters, as well as the full programme of tools to place blind rivets and rivet nuts. For each tool there are photos, applications, technical data and QR code
to display the video presentations.
The full programme of blind rivets, rivet nuts and tools is available also online on Rivit’s website. Download the PDF catalogues from the download area or browse the section dedicated to the fasteners.

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New expanded Rivit catalogues


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