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ARaymond adds largest production site to global network


With its 150 years of experience and its recognised technical expertise, the ARaymond network is..

GESIPA® Bird Pro series – fast, powerful and independent


The battery-powered riveting tools from the Bird Pro series can be used wherever cables or compr..

New expanded Rivit catalogues


Rivit Srl has introduced two new technical catalogues dedicated to its industry division – the 8..

In conversation with…Mike Mowins, president, The Phillips Screw Company


An in-depth conversation on lightweighting and fastener development with Mike Mowins is never to..

BRALO parts in the automotive sector


BRALO is a Spanish manufacturer of rivets and fastening systems that works hand in hand with the..

Arpel boards ARK


Arpel Ltd, the UK-based fastening solutions specialist, has recently announced the news that it ..

Nord-Lock washers – when safety really matters


The original Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers are recognised all around the world for their abil..

Dr Mathias Hüttenrauch: CEO and chairman of the board, Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding BV


Focusing on value for customers with advanced solutions and services, Koninklijke Nedschroef Hol..

Co-developing innovations with customers


One of the defining trends in the automotive industry currently is the development of mo..

Providing the highest standards of bolt security


The HEICO Group, based in Ense, Westphalia, Germany, has been at the forefront of fastener techn..

What is a locking nut and in what circumstances would you require one?


Typically when using fasteners they would not be expected to come loose, explains Staytite Ltd. ..

WiHa picks up multiple design awards


WiHa GmbH has recently won prestigious design awards for two products – the LiftUp 26one® magazi..

Usability and protection for electrical work


The KNIPEX range of VDE insulated tools offer everything a tradesperson needs when working on el..

Henkel to further drive growth within global aerospace industry


The Adhesive Technologies business unit of Henkel has started the construction of a new producti..

Promoting smooth and unmarred designs


PEM® concealed-head self-clinching studs and standoffs for thin metals provide permanent mating ..

Apex Tool: 50 years as TORX® licensee


Acument Global Technologies Inc celebrated the anniversary of its most recent 50 year TORX ..

New products and distribution growth for Striplox


Award winning international fastening and joining product range, Striplox, has 160 new stocking ..

tesa UK looks to the future


tesa UK Ltd, wholly-owned tesa SE affiliate and part of Beiersdorf AG, is ready for the challeng..

GESIPA® continues to strengthen its capabilities


GESIPA has invested in its UK manufacturing facility over recent years in order to achieve a str..

SINARD develops two new quick attachment devices


SINARD’s latest catalogue for quick attachment devices includes 500 references, to which it has ..

Fasteners with tightness indicator


Stress Indicators Incorporated, a technology and manufacturing firm specialising in industr..

New Hitachi nailers


Hitachi Power Tools (UK) Ltd has launched a tougher, faster and more advanced range of cordless ..

Custom parts without tooling costs


Rotor Clip’s technical sales engineers are renowned for their ability to work with customers to ..

Are all Smalley parts made from the same material?


Justin Lawrence, a TFC Europe Ltd senior design engineer, fields questions about interchangeable..

Living market evolution


Since 1984 Frigerio Ettore SpA has deployed the strategy ‘to live’ the market evolution and to s..

Rivit launches extra long AFT blind rivets


Aluminium/steel blind rivets (AFT) are the most used type by customers, because of their su..

New NORMA Group quick connector meets the highest requirements in vehicles


NORMA Group has developed the V2-XC (X-treme Conditions) a new quick connector made of plastic t.. can take your time


While orders placed in other places are being put off until the following day, Lederer is s..

Spring solution solves sticky situation


Mastering the manufacturing behind an innovative product is a task engineer’s relish. Lesjöfors ..

The security fastener experts


From relatively humble beginnings more than 22 years ago, Hafren Fasteners – based in Wales – ha..

Brooks Forgings supplies special components to UK rail industry


Brooks Forgings Ltd was recently approached to produce special arching horns commonly used in ov..

TR Fastenings to assist with NASA’s next Mars Rover


TR Fastenings has been commissioned to supply high strength blind rivets for the ground penetrat..

SD Products partners up with Ketterer


SD Products Ltd has become the first official and exclusive UK distributor for Ketterer – a stoc..

Stixall on a Roll


Everbuild, a Sika company, has launched Stixall on a Roll – an invisible double-sided transparen..

Socket & Allied doubles manufacturing capability


Socket & Allied Screws Ltd is continuing along its growth trajectory by reaffirming its comm..

Harrison Silverdale supports the automotive industry


Harrison Silverdale (HSL), a supplier of threaded inserts and specialised fasteners to the plast..

NORMA Group sponsors joining products for racing team TUfast


NORMA Group is supporting TUfast e.V – the formula student team of the Technical University of M..

Bay Supply introduces BayFast brand


US online warehouse Bay Supply, a division of Bay Fastening Systems, has added the BayFast brand..

Keeping industry running


At its core, norelem supplies a range of quality products such as flexible standard parts, syste..

Challenge – ensuring the highest quality


Nuts, bolts, screws and washers used in the manufacturing industry are a well developed, reliabl..

WDS’ wide range of dowel pins


WDS Component Parts Ltd says it can supply a wide range of dowel pins, also known as engineers’ ..

Self-clinching steel lock nuts hold mating screws tight


PEM® Type SL™ self-clinching steel lock nuts, from PennEngineering®, integrate a unique TR..

Manufacturing fasteners for aerospace


By Dr John Newnham, fastener engineering consultant, The comm..

Wiha Stubby VDE makes handling easier


The new Wiha Stubby VDE screwdriver, with a bit holder for slimBits, measures just 105mm and off..

New solvent-free UV adhesive


Vitralit® VBB-2N LV, a new solvent-free UV adhesive, is now available from UK distributor Techsi..

Smaller and slimmer packaging solutions


ESSVE has launched the Essbox Mini – the next generation of the packaging system Essbox – develo..

Fixi’s new labelling system


Fixi – an Italian company specialised in the production and distribution of mechanical fastening..

Packaging makeover for Jubilee®


Jubilee® Clips has introduced new packaging for its range of original Jubilee worm drive hose cl..

Fastener and component enhancement materials


By Mark Thurber, CEO, Maelstrom Chemical Technologies LLC Fastening systems have been an en..

Reliable and competitive products


FAR, a manufacturer of blind rivets, rivet nuts and fastening systems, based in Bologna, Italy, ..

GESIPA® Speed Rivet technology


In addition to its hydro-pneumatic magazine setting tools, GESIPA® has completed its product por..

WASI’s new products at Stuttgart


‘Cherry picking’ was yesterday’s challenge, ‘saving time’ is tomorrow’s promise, and by developi..

The smallest wave springs on the market


As engineers around the world design smaller and smaller assemblies, the question becomes ‘where..

New touch latch from Frigerio


Established in 1948, Frigerio Ettore SpA has a strong presence in the European metal working mar..

A simple, easy way to drill into hard stone


The new wear resistant HARDTEC drill bit, with a special diamond ground carbide tip, has been de..

Flexriv®: Increases functionality, reduces encumbrance


Rivit Srl has introduced the Flexriv® – a flexible container for spent mandrels, which will enab..

Adjuster screw for shelving


Italian manufacturer of steel screws Mecavit will be introducing its specialist adjuster screw f..

SLIC Pin™ revolutionises assembly operations


Already popular in the USA, the new quick locking SLIC Pin™ from Pivot Point will be intro..

Series 7000 torque wrenches


Wera’s extensive range of tools for both manual and power tool applications includes its classic..

Fast, strong, precise GEDORE LHD-80


GEDORE Torque Solutions has introduced the LHD-80, a heavy-duty torque wrench with a powerful br..

More mobility and flexibility in stud welding


For this year’s Route to Fastener Innovation Competition, Heinz Soyer will present the possibili..

Captive style fastener prevents over tightening


Southco® has expanded its DZUS® Quarter-Turn product line with a captive style fastener that pre..

Star Fasteners helps bring Penta-Lok to the market


UK specialist fastener distributor, Star Fasteners, has collaborated with Arconic to produce the..

The smallest battery riveter


Available from April 2017, the RivSmart battery riveter with integrated process control from VVG..

Less talk, more torque


STAHLWILLE says its MANOSKOP® 730 QUICK torque wrench and new SmartCheck tester for torque wrenc..

Ova-Lok®: Suitable for fixing all types of materials


With a unique oval thread and shank, as opposed to a standard round thread and shank, Tite-Fix s..

BUMAX® Ultra – the world’s strongest bolt


The new BUMAX® Ultra range of unique precipitation hardened stainless steel fasteners from BUMAX..

Red sprung index bolts from WDS


WDS Component Parts Ltd has introduced a new range of compact parking type spring loaded index b..

Versatility in tightening large nuts


Mechanical tensioning and hydraulic tensioning are common methods to tighten large size bolts..

Corrosion resistant fasteners from PennEngineering®


PennEngineering® says its new PEM® self-clinching stainless steel standoff fasteners with bright..

The strong, silent tool


Hilti has launched the BX 3 battery actuated direct fastening tool capable of driving nails into..

Crane adds WrenchStar to range


Manufactured in the UK, Crane Electronics Ltd has added the WrenchStar Multi production wrench t..

Lightweight self-locking nuts offer weight savings for aerospace


Sigma Precision Components UK Ltd has developed a new range of lightweight, self-locking nuts, f..

New TORX® Paralobe™ drive system


In the long history of Acument Global Technologies developing new fastener drive systems such as..

NORMA wins major contract from French motor vehicle manufacturer


From 2019 NORMA Group will be supplying up to 1.5 million custom-made plastic pipe urea lines to..

Motorq – improving serviceability


Sykes-Pickavant Ltd is adding the Motorq Push-Thru professional torque wrench to its comprehensi..

Special lifting assemblies for industrial stillages


Thanks to its extensive on-site manufacturing capabilities, Brooks Forgings Ltd has secured a ne..

A ‘Hi-Torque®’ clamp for low pressure applications


UK-based hose clip manufacturer JCS Hi-Torque Ltd says it is able to produce custom clamp assemb..

New glob top adhesives


Specially for the consumer and general electronics industry, Panacol-Elosol GmbH has developed t..

The wind turbine time machine


With the sector growing globally every year, the wind energy industry is looking to use less mat..

Quality riveters to place rivet nuts


Rivit is known in Italy and abroad as a leading company in the production and distribution of fa..

Easy access to stainless fasteners


Stainless Threaded Fasteners (STF) is one of Europe’s largest distributors of stainless steel an..

Riveting technology for carbon fibre and composite material


EFC International offers cost savings through assembly solutions for interior, exterior, body, p..

Mobile welding without high power current


The newly developed SRM® stud welding inverter BMK-8i – with 230V single phase input power – is ..

New compact, lightweight staplers from Makita


Makita’s two new 10mm battery powered staplers, DST111 and DST112, offer a host of advanced tech..

Military precision from ZaGO


ZaGO Manufacturing Co Inc is committed to providing the highest quality ‘Made in America’ sealin..

SD Products’ fixing solution for Jaguar Land Rover


SD Products Ltd is a third generation family owned business with over 40 years of experience as ..

Tappex celebrates 60th anniversary


In September Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd celebrated its 60 year anniversary and says it is proud t..

Custom fasteners from Blue Diamond


Blue Diamond Technologies, a UK-based designer and manufacturer of bespoke mechanical parts, is ..

Apex μ-Guard fastener drive tools


Apex Tool Group GmbH & Co OHG states it is revolutionising the market for covered assembly d..

New grades of pre-applied fastener sealants


Tectorius® has introduced five new grades to its long-standing Tec-U-Seal™ line of pre-app..

GAGE BILT’s GB735 installation tool


Constructed from aircraft quality materials to provide years of service, GAGE BILT Inc has intro..

Master Bond solvent resistant adhesives


Formulated for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications, Master Bond EP41S-5 is ..

Reduce riveting time with Rivit automatic feeders


Rivit Srl has introduced the RIV606 and RIV616 automatic feeders, which it says help to double p..

Lesjöfors manufacturer springs into action on the London Stadium


The Lesjöfors AB company European Springs & Pressings Ltd recently took on a project that ‘h..

Cotswold achieves ISO certification


Cotswold Fasteners Limited has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification assuring the quality, profes..

Self-cutting thread inserts from Technifast


Technifast Ltd has expanded its specialist fastener portfolio with a range of self-cutting threa..

Adhesives are essential for lightweight construction


Lightweight construction is the future. Hardly any market segment is developing as dynamically a..

60 years of plastic fasteners


In 1956 Mr Norbert Bülte decided to establish his own company in Lüdinghausen, Germany, developi..

Coupling challenges and the evolution


Couplings can be found in many critical applications and represent one of the most challenging..

European patent granted for multi–function tapes


tremco illbruck has obtained a European patent for multi–function tapes TP321 illmod trioplex ec..

Quality specialised fasteners


Since 1984 Frigerio Ettore SpA has been specialising in cold metal sheet stamping combined with ..

Hook and loop from SD Products


SD Products Ltd has added a large range of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners to its catalogu..

Technifast non–standard dowel pin service


Technifast Ltd is able to offer customers a specialist dowel pin service that includes dowels wi..

LOCTITE® 577 reformulated


To strengthen its commitment to continuous product improvement, Henkel has reformulated one of i..

Illuminating innovation from Carl Kammerling


Carl Kammerling International has further enhanced its C.K tools dextro screwdriver range with t..

Accurate tensioning with Laser Tools


To enable accurate tensioning of difficult to access fasteners, UK-based Laser Tools has introdu..

Automated blind rivet nut solution


It is one thing to solve a fastening problem and another to enable the use of up to two million ..

Safer bolting with reduced risk of pinch points


Hydratight Limited has launched a new accessory for its RSL torque wrench product line to increa..

Fast, accurate and safe fastening


The ETW-Series electric torque wrenches from Enerpac have been designed to combine simplicity wi..

Working in tandem for a successful product development


Although generally small in size and individual cost, the unheralded 'fastener' can cause manufa..

NORMA goes rallying


NORMA Group recently supplied its V-Profile clamps for the exhaust systems of the MAZ-Sport Auto..

Nord-Lock Group adds Expander® System to solutions


The Expander® System offers a modern cost–effective solution that stops pivot wear. Founded in 1..

FASCO® air driven tools


So far 2016 has been a great year for tool manufacturer FASCO® Srl in Bologna, Italy. It has see..

GESIPA® for ‘body in white’ applications


Advancements in materials and Industry 4.0 are challenging the joining technology of the automot..

Rivit’s riveters


Rivit Srl is known in Italy and abroad as a leader in the production and distribution of fasteni..

Brass inserts provide reusable metal threads


Type MSIB™ microPEM® brass inserts from PennEngineering® provide reusable metal threads to..

New line of pneumatic riveters from BRALO


BRALO S.A has designed a complete range of five simple, durable and robust BNT riveters, which i..

Spring mechanism plays an important role at Tate Modern


The Tate Modern art museum in London, UK, reopened on 17th June after a huge expansion project s..

tesa® on a roll with Speedsport Promotions


Speedsport Promotions Ltd, a specialist the field of driver management, corporate hospitality an..

TURBOHEAD Xpro now also with SDS-max drive


Since its market launch five years ago, KEIL Werkzeugfabrik Karl Eischeid GmbH says its TURBOHEA..

Black finishing service from Lancaster


To satisfy the demand for fasteners with a black finish, Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd is now equipp..

Quality first at TFC


As part of its commitment to quality, as well as recent enhancements in equipment and procedures..

A tougher, faster hammer drill


With a highly efficient brushless motor, delivering even more power and run time when out on-sit..

Cordless impact gun from Laser Tools


UK-based Laser Tools has introduced a new high powered, cordless impact gun (part number 6314) f..

Increase accuracy with ClickTronic


Norbar Torque Tools Ltd has launched ClickTronic — a new digital scale mechanical torque w..

A new generation of pneumatic staplers


PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co KG has developed a new generation of pneumatic staplers..

Customised pins from Technifast


Technifast Ltd’s manufacturing division has complemented its wide range of standard dowel pins b..

New Inox Mare website


Inox Mare Srl is continuously looking to improve as a business and has recently introduced a..

Master Bond meets NASA specifications


The EP3HTS-LO, a single component epoxy for demanding bonding, sealing and coating applications ..

The tool you can carry everywhere


German-based KNIPEX — Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG has launched the powerful and compact Needl..

Fastening solutions for the rail industry


Similar to other major global industries, mass transit continuously strives to improve manufactu..

Fast curing for plastics and metals


Intertronics says its A-K015 two component adhesive provides clear bond lines in plastics assemb..

NORMA Group awarded Platinum Supplier Status by General Motors


NORMA Group has received Platinum Supplier Status 2015 from General Motors for its site in Pilic..

Ingersoll Rand introduces Ultra-Compact Impactools™


Ingersoll Rand is now offering the 35MAX and 15QMAX Ultra-Compact Impactools™ – small, yet..

Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions supplies tools for autoclave


Engineers at Siemens Subsea can now access their new large size ‘testing’ autoclave quickly and ..

DELO brings light to the dark side


DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC has introduced black adhesives, including the DELO-DUALBOND® GE494..

Pre-mixed and frozen resins


Two component adhesives undoubtedly provide a strong, reliable bond, however some end users may ..

Techsil expands its electronic adhesive range


Techsil Ltd has entered an agreement to supply Canadian-based MG Chemicals’ popular, high perfor..

PolyGrip® offers high flexibility


GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH boasts that its PolyGrip® blind rivet nut shows the highest flexib..

LED compatible materials for light engines


DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC has tested and released 14 adhesives for use in LED lighting. Ten ..

Rivit concentrates on its self-clinching range


Rivit Srl has developed an extensive range of products for industry, including blind rivets, riv..

Finding an engineering solution


By Andy Giddings, technical manager, Staytite Ltd You may ask yourself what is the main g..

NORMA Group connects lines in the Gotthard Base Tunnel


NORMA Group recently supplied the joining technology for the construction of the new Gotthard Ba..

Slim, sustainable torque wrenches


New VDE torque wrenches 5108VDE (2Nm – 10Nm) and 5109VDE (5Nm – 25Nm) – with 10mm (3/8 inch) dri..

Vibration resistant fastening from Southco®


Southco® has expanded its E3 VISE ACTION® compression latch series with an adjustable grip style..

Fast curing without heat


DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC has developed a new range of dual-curing adhesives that it says re..

Self-clinching nuts for stainless assemblies


PennEngineering® says its PEM® Type SMPP™ self-clinching nuts install permanently in ultra..

Henkel and the NextEV TCR racing team


Following the success of a strong opening race season in which Nelson Piquet Jr. won the driver’..

Smalley goes…smaller


TFC Ltd has announced Smalley’s newly expanded manufacturing capabilities now enable it to desig..

Protection and security with SecuFast®


Douwes International B.V’s new addition to its SecuFast® security fasteners – the 7-star® model ..

An extensive range of springs


Lee Spring Ltd is constantly building its extensive range of compression springs, both ex-stock ..

The champions of Leicester


With Leicester City FC becoming champions of the English Premier League, Mark Selby winning the ..

Quality tools for the trade


Carl Kammerling International has extended its avit® brand of toolbox essentials with the additi..

Sorta-Cases® turn black


Having produced Sorta-Cases® for organising and carrying fasteners and small components for many..

Technifast’s marine grade service


To combat the unforgiving environment both above and below the waterline, Technifast Ltd has pro..

Stainless spring washers according to DIN


Lesjöfors AB has launched a new range of Belleville spring washers according to DIN 6796, design..

NORMA brings Formula 1 teams up to speed


NORMA Group has provided several Formula 1 teams from all over the world with various types of j..

Comprehensive fastening solutions from HAMAR®


With over two decades of experience in the fastener market HAMAR® Sp.J B i H Gizesiak is committ..

New heavy-duty line of sealing washers


APM Hexseal has added a new range of heavy-duty air and liquid tight self-sealing washers for me..

Quick and accurate M18 FUEL™ finish nailers


Milwaukee Europe has combined its POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, REDLITHIUM-ION™ batte..

SD becomes Schock Metall distributor


SD Products Ltd is now the official UK distributor for German-based Schock Metallwerk GmbH, exte..

Making bolt security easier


TR Fastenings Ltd has introduced a new wedge lock nut as part of an ongoing drive to introduce n..

PowerSocket® offers more torque


Ingersoll Rand, a global brand of power tools, has introduced the PowerSocket® to save users tim..

Providing ‘maintenance free’ solutions


Here Dr-Ing Hans-Albert Städler, customer engineering director Europe at Alcoa Fastening Systems..

In-house coatings from Growermetal


Growermetal Srl has installed a new and fully automatic coating line that will enable it to supp..

VIPA supplies worldwide


Operating since 1970, VIPA SpA says it can now export its wide range of products including high ..

Fastener Guide from REYHER


F. REYHER Nchfg GmbH & Co KG has upgraded its comprehensive Fastener Guide to include helpf..

NORMA Group receives order from Chinese petroleum and petrochemical group


NORMA Group recently received a major order from a leading Chinese petroleum and petrochemical e..

Innovative 4-way ratchet, socket and bit set


Laser Tools has added a new innovative 4-way reversible ratchet, part number 6428, to its Laser ..

Recessed pan screws with TX-drive


In addition to its extensive screw programme made from plastic, Bäcker GmbH & Co KG has now ..

Resistant and watertight fastening


Since 1973 Rivit Srl has been developing a wide range of products for the industry, as well as r..

Hand tools built to last


UK-based Chicago Brand has introduced its new Spring Tools® range, which includes nail..

Specialist tapes from Kommerling UK


Kommerling UK has introduced two new high bond acrylic tapes – AT-1 and AT-3 – to its already pr..

Improved, ultra fast, pre-applied threadlocker


Tectorius® has introduced the Tec-Bond™ 204 – a new and improved, universal, pre-applied, ..

Inoxmare’s new marine hardware


Inoxmare Srl has introduced new stainless steel marine hardware including eye straps, flush lift..

A new touch latch from Frigerio


Established in 1948, Frigerio Ettore SpA provides quality specialist fasteners for a variety of ..

SI® threaded metal inserts for plastic materials


SI® threaded inserts from PennEngineering® provide durable and reusable metal threads in plastic..

Dokka invests in mega cell


Dokka Fasteners AS has recently invested in a new mega cell for its production facility in Dokka..

Fastening innovations for a changing marketplace


To satisfy customer demands in today’s ever changing marketplace, engineers from Flaig + Hommel ..

Fire-resistant cable fixing


HellermannTyton has increased its extensive portfolio of stainless steel cable ties and mounts w..

Ellsworth Adhesives extends range


Ellsworth Adhesives Europe has added the Lord Corporation’s acrylic adhesive system Lord 810/20 ..

Torqueleader becomes Gedore Torque


UK tool manufacturer Torqueleader has recently rebranded itself to become Gedore Torque Ltd in o..

TRIDON SmartSeal® – a new way to think about connections


A big challenge when sealing air and coolant connections is being able to counteract thermal exp..

TR Fastenings launches new website


TR Fastenings Ltd has recently launched a new website, featuring an online catalogue of over 40,..

‘Time Value of Money’ saving idea by GESIPA®


GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH recently got a chance to look at a cost saving ‘Time Value of Mone..

NeoSpeed® rivets: Faster, stronger and simpler


POP® Avdel® states that its unique, splined, patent protected NeoSpeed® rivets deliver the wides..

Alcoa introduces high strength Magna-Lok® fastener


Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings has introduced the new 12.7mm (½ inch) diameter Huck® Magna-..

VIPA opens sealing division


VIPA SpA has entered a business partnership with Chu Hung Oil Seals Industrial Co Ltd to create ..

Ryobi’s hard hitting 800W SDS+


The new 4-Mode 800W SDS+ pneumatic hammer drill from Ryobi® has a new L-shape ergonomic design t..

Alcoa develops Huck® Magna-Lok® 316 A4 stainless steel


Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings, Telford Industrial Fasteners Operations, has introduced the..

Assortment cases from Stafa


Stafa Group has introduced a range of assortment cases – equipped with a tab closure and a conve..

CV-375R-4: Compact, light and tough


Cleco® – a brand of power tools from German-based Apex Tool Group GmbH & Co OHG – has introd..

Huntsman makes waves with luxury boat project


Launched in Spring 2015 at the Miami International Boat Show in Florida, USA, Scout Boats Inc ha..

Titanium fasteners in stock


Due to rising demand and to satisfy industry requirements for ‘just in time’ (JIT) delivery, Alt..

Hydraulic bolt tensioning


UK-based Boltight Limited has been at the forefront of the bolt tensioning industry for many yea..

Speak to the experts


Thanks to its technical knowledge and experience of cold forming, INOX-VITI® is able to provide ..

A new way to think about connections


One of the biggest challenges in sealing air and coolant connections is being able to counteract..

Makita celebrates 100 years


Makita is celebrating its 100th year with significant developments in its battery powered fasten..

Setting process monitoring by GESIPA®


For more than 20 years GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH has been able to monitor setting processes ..

Lesjöfors helps send satellite to the sun


In 2018 the European Space Agency (ESA), in cooperation with NASA, is launching a satellite that..

Special high-quality fasteners


Frigerio Ettore SpA has added new products to its 2016 catalogue, which now features a wide rang..

New style digital torque ratchets


UK-based Laser Tools has introduced three new digital torque ratchets – part numbers 6205, 6206 ..

Italian stainless steel specialist


In the last decade FIMINOX SpA has become the headquarters for a group of companies, enabling it..

Quick and easy riveting


Reducing the time of riveting is a vital aim for many industries, which is why Rivit Srl has int..

High grade composites and bonding fasteners


SD Products Ltd, a third generation family owned business with over 40 years’ experience as a st..

Safer fixing from NORMA


NORMA Group has added the ABA® low profile cable tie for limited space applications and safer fi..

Hardlock Nut delivers total safety


Staytite Ltd is renowned for supplying high-quality products and reliable solutions to customers..

New tools on show


Fixi Srl will be showing its two new riveting tools – RBZ for blind rivets and TBZ for rivet nut..

Specially developed fastening systems


As well as a broad array of standard fasteners including collated staples, nails, pins, and brad..

VIPA offers more


Operating since 1970, VIPA SpA has branches in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the Czech Repub..

Long-term durability with DCF620 XR®


DeWalt® has expanded its XR® drywall screwdriver portfolio with the addition of the DCF620 XR® –..

SIPA exhibits at Köln


For over twenty years SIPA Srl has looked to new technologies and methods to ensure that it is d..

Senco expands Duraspin range


Poppers Senco UK Ltd has expanded its Duraspin collated screw fastening system family with a new..

SnapSil™ adhesive available in the UK


Techsil Ltd has launched the SnapSil™ TN8000 silicone adhesive – a versatile, high perform..

Providing protection for nut threads


PennEngineering® states that its PEM® self-clinching blind nuts permanently install into thin me..

Mobile stapling in timber frame construction


PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co KG has launched a new pneumatic industrial stapler – BD..

Innovative RFID tags from HellermannTyton


HellermannTyton has developed a range of nylon and stainless steel identification cable ties com..

Increase productivity with ProSert™ XTN20


POP® Avdel® has introduced the ProSert™ XTN20 – a next generation high production blind ri..

60 years of success


Located near Milan, Italy, Viteria Fusani Srl has been manufacturing special and standard screws..

Strong, precise and fast


Bosch Power Tools has launched the GBM 13-2 RE Professional – a new high performance drill for f..

Versatile system for connections and fastenings


Bormann & Neupert GmbH & Co KG states that its Smart Band is a robust alternative to sta..

ARSER – becoming a technical partner


Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, ARSER Srl states that its wide range of socket set screws, hexa..

RotaBolt® hits it on the head


RotaBolt® measurement fasteners have recently been fitted by BSP International Foundations Ltd t..

Adhesive tapes – the solution for innovative product design


Here the European Adhesive Tape Association AFERA – a not-for-profit trade association with over..

Fire-resistant fasteners and fixings


Following an amendment of BS 7671 in July 2015 – which requires cabling to be supported by fire-..

A new tool from Cadex


Direct Sales Ltd, a North American distributor of Cadex Tools, has introduced the V2/23.55 – a 2..

GOSTAR: A2 stainless steel peel rivet


DEGOMETAL says its GOSTAR stainless steel peel rivet is specifically designed to fasten soft or ..

TFC achieves aerospace approval


TFC Europe Ltd has announced that it has achieved AS9100C and AS9120 certifications for the aero..

A whole new Earnest


Earnest Machine has recently opened two dedicated engineering and manufacturing centres in the U..

JCS Hi-Torque delivers high performance


JCS Hi-Torque Ltd, part of the JCS group of companies, has been developing and manufacturing wor..

NORMA Group receives major order


NORMA Group has received a major order from a German car manufacturer to equip several million v..

A modern distributor


Family owned Italian distributor, Berardi Bullonerie Srl, is proud to offer a consistently htigh..

Dörken MKS-Systeme at the IAA


Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co KG has reported that it enjoyed great success on the press and ..

Rivit introduces RIV506


Rivit Srl has added the RIV506 hydro pneumatic tool for blind rivets to its range of riveters – ..

REYHER’s easy online ordering


F. REYHER Nchfg GmbH & Co KG is continually improving its webshop with new features to meet ..

Blind rivet nuts in lightweight construction


Carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) have fascinating advantages when it comes to saving weig..

Bolting failure analysis


Nuts and bolts are used everywhere. A bolting failure at home is usually only a minor..

High-quality manufacturing from GebuVolco


Thanks to its production facilities in Hellevoetsluis near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, GebuVolco..

How to select the proper diameter and duty of a coiled spring pin


By Christie Jones, market development manager at SPIROL Invented in 1948 by SPI..

SD Products expands its range


SD Products Limited has added several new lines of marine and fabric fasteners to its expanding ..

New PEM® VariMount™ fastening system


PennEngineering®’s new PEM® VariMount™ fastening system (Type VM) offers a clean and ready..

Techsil launches VELCRO® Trade Range


Having recently become a distributor for the VELCRO® brand of hook and loop fasteners, UK-based ..

Joinlox’s strong global demand


Australian joining technology company, Joinlox, says it is experiencing very strong global deman..

New sizes in the bag


Ideal Clamp Products Inc has added new sizes to its current contractor pack bags line for the ID..

New torque tools from HAZET


HAZET-WERK Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co KG has introduced a new range of electronic torque/angle..

Ray Fu’s wide range


Ray Fu Enterprise Co Ltd, founded in 1999, is an exporter for all kinds of fasteners such as scr..

NORMA Group expands its worldwide testing laboratory capacities


NORMA Group has expanded its validation tests at its test laboratories around the world to ensur..

SD Products becomes ARaymond distributor


SD Products Ltd has announced an official agreement with ARaymond to enhance its portfolio of fa..

Grip-Tite sockets and wrenches


Bradford-based Chicago Brand UK says its range of Grip-Tite sockets and wrenches offer the next ..

Cordless lithium impact wrench


UK supplier of workshop tools, Jack Sealey Ltd, says even the most stubborn wheel nuts can be re..

Handy miniature stud welder


Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH will be showcasing the second generation of its high-tech ..

Safety secures trust


In public infrastructure projects, there can be no compromise on the safety front. For more than..

The complete service solution


Arpel Limited, the UK-based rivet, rivet nut and fastening solutions specialist, has launched a ..

Continued business success for Rivco


Rivco Ltd says its planned investment in stock lines has resulted in an ever increasing number o..

Blind rivet nuts for sheet metal


TR Fastenings has added blind rivet nuts for sheet metal and plastics to its vast product range ..

Torque screwdriver with precise adjustment


Felo-Werkzeugfabrik Holland-Letz GmbH has launched a new torque release screwdriver series for e..

SPIROL releases solid pins design guide


SPIROL International Corporation has expanded its solid pin standard product offering and has in..

Controlled fastening from Wera


Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co KG says its range of 19 torque screwdrivers, launched ear..

MEMFast rivet nut hand tool approved by NATO


The RNHT48 rivet nut hand tool, launched by MEMFast (Make Ends Meet Limited) four years ago, has..

Things are hotting up


DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC has introduced new one component epoxy resins based on anhydrides ..

CONTROLRIV: Power and control


Rivit Srl says its CONTROLRIV process monitoring system will enable users to improve efficiency ..

Germany’s exclusive BUMAX® partner


F. REYHER Nchfg GmbH & Co KG, the exclusive partner for the complete BUMAX® range in Germany..

Powerful grip and quick adjustment


KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG has introduced the Cobra® QuickSet Water Pump Pliers de..

One true blue


The Electrolytic Plating Company Ltd (EPC), the sole UK licensee of the TUFLOK® NYLOK® BLUE® NYL..

Baker & Finnemore achieves AS9100 certification


Baker & Finnemore Ltd has announced that it has achieved the AS9100 certification – an inter..

INOX-VITI: sJs® licensed manufacturer


INOX-VITI, based in Grumello del Monte, Bergamo, Italy, is a licensed manufacturer of the sJs® –..

Talking torque


Torque wrenches are common place across a variety of industrial processes – wherever there is a ..

Crane’s new lightweight production wrench


Global torque measurement and management solutions provider, Crane Electronics Ltd, has launched..

High-flying fastening solutions


UK-based GBK Ltd has developed, with a long-term customer, two new fastening solutions for the c..

sJs® – a new concept in self-forming screws


Shortly before his unfortunate recent death, inventor and CVS Engineering managing director, Car..

New HAZET solid reversible ratchets


HAZET-WERK – Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co KG, says its two new solid reversible ratchets, 863MC ..

New dual-threaded anti-loosening fastener


Perfect Lock Bolt America Inc has introduced the Perfect Lock Bolt (PLB) – a dual-threaded bolt ..

Techsil becomes Araldite® distributor


UK-based Techsil Limited has announced an agreement to supply three Araldite® ranges of adhesive..

Kobout: More than fasteners


Kobout B.V, a supplier of steel and stainless steel fasteners, based in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the..

SIPA now using yellow zinc plated chrome 3


Italian-based SIPA Srl has introduced yellow zinc plated chrome 3 for all of its products – help..

Collaboration with Warwick University leads to new contract for Barton Coldform


UK-based Barton Coldform (UK) Ltd has secured a contract with Ford Motor Company thanks in part ..

Driving down emissions in automotive interiors


ATP adhesive systems AG specialises in the development and production of solvent-free, specialit..

ABA Original SMO meets highest demands


NORMA Group has launched its new ABA Original SMO (syrafast molybdenum) – a worm drive hose clam..

Durability and comfort from Norbar


UK-based Norbar Torque Tools has announced that it has re-engineered its Professional Torque Wre..

Top quality lock nuts for critical joints


For fifty years J. Lanfranco & Cie, headquartered in Paris, France, has been manufacturing s..

High strength weld studs perfectly welded


Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH has introduced its new Black Series weld stud generation w..

TIMco opens the door to new range


With a continued focus on expanding and complimenting its product range, T.I.Midwood & Co Lt..

Easy handling with EB400


FAR Srl, an Italian manufacturer of blind rivets, rivet nuts and fastening systems, has introduc..

Quick connectors to be used in automotive cooling systems


NORMA Group has secured a major contract for quick connectors with a large Chinese-European join..

New cable and pipe clips


SD Products Ltd has extended its existing range of cable, hose and pipe management solu..

New ratcheting system for in-line applications


SMC Corporation Ltd, a specialist in inventing, developing and bringing to market unique tools f..

Securing bolted joints under high vibration


Here HEICO Befestigungstechnik GmbH explains why its HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Washers are the reli..

Ellsworth Adhesives extends range


Ellsworth Adhesives Europe has signed a new agreement with LORD Corporation, making it an offici..

60 years of production in Germany


GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH has recently opened the doors to its demonstration centre, at its M..

Dynamic testing of the loosening of tightened screws


omniTECHNIK Mikroverkapselungs GmbH, a manufacturer of pre-applied chemical thread-locking produ..

REYHER’s product spectrum for the chemical industry


Safety aspects are very high when producing chemical products because of the extreme conditions,..

Fabory launches full service website


Fabory recently introduced new and improved features to its website, designed to help customers ..

Cathodic corrosion protection of high strength subsea bolting


In the last decade Hague Fasteners Ltd has seen massive demand growth for British manufactured, ..

New and fast technology at GESIPA®


GESIPA® Blindniettechnik GmbH has completed its product portfolio with two hydro-pneumatic magaz..

Innovative quick connector enables 360 degree locking


NORMA Group has developed an innovative metal quick connector that features a 360 degree claw ri..

High performance metal roof fastening


BECK Fastener Group has expanded its portfolio in the field of metal to wood joints by developin..

316 stainless steel coiled spring pins


SPIROL International Corporation has introduced a line of 316 stainless steel coiled spring pins..

Rivco - nuts included


Rivco Ltd, the UK-based distributor of rivets, rivet nuts and Huck® products, has added rubber n..

Bülte gives you wing grips


Bülte Plastiques France SA has added two new wing grips – BPF 251 and BPF 252 – to its handwheel..

REYHER adds RIPP to range


With RIPP flange screws/nuts and locking screws/nuts F. REYHER Nchfg GmbH & Co KG has added ..

GEOMET® in-house coatings also on racks


As an acknowledged licensee, GRAEWE Tadiv is able to provide the highest level of corrosion prot..

Direct fastening performance


Hilti has launched the DX 2 powder-actuated fastening tool, which it says offers high productivi..

One of the world's leading manufacturers of clamps, connectors and fluid systems


Not a claim to be made lightly but one that NORMA UK Ltd is justifiably proud to make, being the..

Blind riveting solutions from RIVE-LIT®


Exhibiting for the first time at last year’s EuroBLECH show in Hannover, RIVE-LIT® displayed its..

TR Fastenings invests in 3D printing


TR Fastenings Ltd has invested in a highly sophisticated 3D printer for the purpose of creating ..

Lederer expands DIN 580/582 assortment


As a well known specialist of several decades’ in the field of stainless steel fasteners, screws..

New generation of thread forming screws for light alloy


In modern assembly lines cost saving and component optimisation are decisive competitive factors..

Intelligent, lightweight screwdrivers


With a lightweight and compact design, HS-Technik says its new intelligent cordless screwdriver ..

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