The NORMA HVAC clip 01 April 2019

The patented shape and innovative use of plastic for the NORMA® HVAC clip provides unprecedented functionality and flexibility for corrugated spiral hose installations in HVAC – with NORMA Group reporting that on average 132 metal clamp sizes and materials can be replaced with just one plastic HVAC clip.

This means that using the NORMA® HVAC clip can deliver a major reduction in the number of parts customers have to hold in stock, simplify the ordering process, and most importantly, eliminate potential installation delays if incorrectly sized parts are ordered.

In combination with NORMA’s range of cable ties, the HVAC clip also makes it very easy to attach externally corrugated spiral hoses in HVAC applications, as the shape of the HVAC clip and cable ties match perfectly to form a reliable system. The HVAC clip spans the crossing of the hose spiral and the cable tie grips the hose around its whole perimeter, fixing it safely and securely in position. The lightweight and flexible nature of the clip and cable also create less wear and tear on the application and make it easier and safer to install by hand in difficult to reach installations.

Not only is the product physically flexible, it equally creates flexibility in stockholding. The special geometry of the HVAC clip patented shape adds versatility, as it is suitable for both clockwise and counter-clockwise spiral hoses. Furthermore, the HVAC clip can be combined with different lengths of 9mm wide cable ties to allow for different diameters of hose.

Designed for long-term performance, all plastic components are chemically resistant, maintenance‑free and the black cable tie has UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking from intense lighting or the sun, making it particularly suitable for outdoor applications. The HVAC clip works with plastic cables that are rust-free and long-lasting, important in damp application or where there are temperature fluctuations.

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