Work smarter, not harder 09 April 2019

Since 1984, Superbolt® Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners (MJTs) have allowed users to tighten large bolts accurately with simple hand tools. The brand new Superbolt Tool, or Multi-Jackbolt Tightening Tool from Superbolt®, a division of Nord-Lock Group, add an extra layer of speed to this solution by tightening all the jackbolts simultaneously.

Although MJTs are already quick and easy to use, the added speed of the Superbolt tool can benefit those who use a high number of these tensioners and/or those who have frequent maintenance schedules, as the tool reduces installation and removal times considerably.

The Superbolt Tool allows for fast and precise application of torque to multiple jackbolts. This maintains accurate bolt loading while providing even jackbolt load application, along with minimising procedural requirements.

The key principle behind the Superbolt tool is ‘Powered by Uniforce Technology’ – invented by Nord-Lock Group. The patented technology consists of a unique scroll and ball gear mechanism for uniform and high transfer of torque. Drive is provided via multiple, large surface area contacts onto the ball gear, avoiding single point contact with traditional drives. This allows high force transmission at low friction, enabling very high efficiency.

In operation, effective torque amplification is achieved in an extremely compact design – with input torque kept to a minimum.

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