HAPAX® achieves ETA 11 August 2021

HAPAX® woodscrews from pgb-Europe have recently been upgraded with a European Technical Assessment (ETA – 20/0787), as well as an added BlueTop coating to provide an extra corrosion resistance.

Pgb-Europe points out that its HAPAX® screws, which feature a low screw-in torque combined with a high screw-in speed, are popular with professionals due to their unique properties. These include their patented triple thread point, as well as the patented unique geometry of the countersunk milling segment under the head of the screw. The triple thread point ensures the screw grips the wood quickly and holds it firmly when being screwed in due to its low insertion point.

This makes the screw suitable for use in demanding applications, such as a timber frame construction, as well as reduces the risk of splitting the wood to a minimum. The specially shaped milling ribs under the  head sink into the wood easily without damaging it. The triple thread point, combined with the countersunk milling ribs with an optimised thread, also ensures a low tightening torque without compromising the high pull-out value.

pgb-Europe highlights that its newly upgraded BlueTop coating offers up to 10 times more corrosion resistance in a neutral salt spray test than traditional galvanisation. This makes the screw ideal for use in open constructions without direct exposure to the elements, such as under carports or pergolas. As a result, the screws meet the requirements of service class II according to Eurocode 5.

The BlueTop coating is free of chromium VI and meets all the requirements of REACH/ROHS. This ensures that the environmental impact during production and recycling is reduced to a minimum. In addition to HAPAX woodscrews having recently obtained an ETA for the various screws from 3mm to 8mm diameter, for use in wood constructions, they also have CE Marking. 


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