INDEX® adds full range of MS and silicone adhesives 21 August 2020

INDEX®, a manufacturer and distributor of fixing systems, has announced the launch of two new adhesive product ranges, MS and silicone, in response to its customers’ needs.

The new MS polymer hybrid adhesives by INDEX® combine the strength of polyurethane with the insulating properties of silicone. This creates a product with high performance adhesive capabilities that offers the benefits of both materials.

The range consists of three types of adhesives, aimed at different uses. Firstly, the MS-SF Superfast High Tack has full grip and instant maximum load. It is an instant acting adhesive for mounting of heavy objects in demanding situations – requiring fast adhesion without supports.

The MS-SF Superfast High Tack carries a maximum load of 430kg/cm3 with instant drying in one second. It is suitable for all types of materials including concrete, wood, metal, cork, aluminium, PVC, copper, brick, stone, and porcelain – both indoors and outdoors. This adhesive is also available in white.

The second adhesive, MS-PR Professional is a neutral and odourless adhesive sealant with excellent multi-material adhesion, particularly recommended for the fixing and sealing of shelves, roof finishings, gutters, decks, frame joints or structures exposed to vibration. It can also be used for the sealing of expansion joints, cisterns, containers and other aluminium elements, as well as for use in the food processing industry, thanks to its ISEGA certification.

Available in white, black, brown and grey, INDEX points out the MS-PR Professional delivers excellent vibration resistance with an elasticity of 300% and a maximum load of 150kg/cm3.

Lastly, the MS-TR Transparent adhesive is used for maximum transparency in joints. A colourless and odourless adhesive sealant, it is particularly recommended for the fixing and mounting of fixings to materials where a clear or visible joint is required, such as glass, crystal, acrylic, PVC, porcelain, ceramics and other transparent elements – either outdoors or indoors. The MS-TR delivers vibration resistance with elasticity of 250% and has a maximum load of 140kg/cm3. It also has an environmentally friendly A+ rating, as well as EnviroCert certificates.

Also available are INDEX’s range of silicones, which come in a variety of colours and properties to suit the needs of each application. The range consists of four silicone types – neutral professional, neutral SANITAR professional, ACETIC universal and ACETIC SANITAR universal. All silicones have CE Marking and are water resistant and suitable for use on various materials – making them the ideal solution for the fixing and sealing of joints on a range of surfaces.

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