JCP expands its stainless steel heavy-duty anchors offering 11 May 2021

JCP Fixings has expanded its product range once again with the addition of two new types of stainless steel A4-316 heavy-duty anchors, now available as a hexagon bolt, as well as in countersunk versions.

All sizes in both types are CE certified, and ETA (Option 1) certified, substantiating their use in cracked and non-cracked concrete, C20/25 to C50/60. The anchors are approved for use under seismic actions C1 and C2 and offer high tension and shear resistance. Both are resistant to fire exposure of 30 - 120 minutes, with a fire classification of A1, meaning they will not contribute to the fire. The additions feature a compression ring which helps prevent turning and stop torque slippage, whilst a three part expansion sleeve allows for smaller spacings and edge distance with high loads.

These two new types line up with the existing stud and nut type of A4-316 heavy-duty anchor, which features the same criteria. The A4-316 stainless steel body enables the heavy-duty anchors to be used in interior and exterior applications, including marine environments.

To support the new heavy-duty anchors, as well as the entire JCP product range, JCP has developed an Anchor Calculation Program (ACP), which is designed to simplify specifying connections to floors, ceilings, and walls, and factors in loadings, spacing, and edge distances. The ACP is available from the JCP website and is free of charge to download and available to anybody. Users of the ACP simply enter in relevant data for a specific application, and the program recommends fixings, accordingly. It includes fire and seismic requirements and can accurately suggest suitable anchors based on the connection configurations.

New video

The specialist fixings brand has also invested in a detailed animation video, showing clearly how these fixings should be installed correctly. Created with the end-user in mind, JCP hopes that the video will support their customers when dealing with end-users.

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