Screw-Tite®2: The next generation 13 June 2019

Tite-Fix Ltd states that its next generation Screw-Tite®2 incorporates all the benefits that make the Screw-Tite great but with a number of new advancements.

Screw-Tite®2 features the Tri-lock™ TS threadform, which still offers all the benefits of a twin and single thread on one screw, allowing a fast insertion with an enhanced start to ensure a perfectly balanced and straight drive – with no kicking over on entry. The improved, acute Tri-Lock shank reduces torque helping the screw to go in easy and this, teamed with the coarse, single thread portion, locks into the substrate making sure once it’s in, it’s in. The high strength of Screw-Tite2’s core means that with the majority of applications there is no need to use a pilot hole and it can be used in almost anything.

Tite-Fix points out that traditional screws used to act as both a fixing and a dowel in one – the dowel portion preventing lateral movement and reinforcing jointed timbers, whilst the threadform provided a strong fix – a feature lost on modern screws. Screw-Tite2 reintroduces this concept with the unique Dowel-Tite® shank acting as a dowel, removing the need for additional support and reducing lateral movement whilst the Tri-Lock TS threadform provides a fast and firm fix. The new dowel ream reduces timber splitting, allows screwing close to the edge and drives the perfect clearance for Dowel-Tite.

Screw-Tite2 is powered by the patented and award winning Stick-Tite® drive system, a specially designed recess that gives the ultimate grip between bit and screw. This tight fit ensures screws stick fast to the bit allowing them to be driven one handed or at awkward angles, there’s no cam out so no damage to the recess and, if needed, the screws can still be driven with a standard Pozi bit.


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