SWG terrace screws 21 August 2018

For applications with very hard wooden boards, a reinforced terrace screw with an enhanced drill tip has been specially developed by SWG Production. The drill tip ensures a precise positioning of the screw, no splitting effect and short edge distances.

Due to the designed grooved shank, the terrace screw has additional strength for the hardwood sector. The grooved shank collects existing wood fibres and prevents movements of the boards and any disturbing ‘cracking sounds’.

Thanks to a small countersunk head with milling pockets, a final and visually appealing finish is provided. Any remaining chips are repeatedly collected and captured. More head shapes are also available.

SWG says the TX drive guarantees an excellent fit of the bit in the screw drive. This prevents wobbling impacts and sliding of the bit from the screw while screwing in. The hardwood terrace screw from the production unit of SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH is therefore the ideal fastener for connecting decking boards and ‘Made in Waldenburg, Germany’.

One further development of the described stainless steel terrace screw is the new ‘vintage look’ – a dark brown colour created by a special heating process.

The unique process changes the surface of the screw; therefore a galvanisation process is not necessary. The result is a durable colour that cannot be damaged by the application and transport. The ‘vintage look’ terrace screw matches perfectly with dark wooden boards such as terraces made of tropical wood. Besides the terrace decking, there are also other types of stainless steel screws with the vintage look available, which can be used for fixing façades and many other applications.

By using the expansive tropical wooden boards, many people are willing to use sub constructions made of aluminium frames. For this special connection between the wooden boards and aluminium sub construction, another type of terrace screw was developed. Like the classic terrace screw, the countersunk head and the grooved shank provide a perfect fitting in the wooden board. For a strong fixing in the aluminium profile, there is a metal drilling tip and thread. Depending on the profile design, there are also different dimensions available.

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