Bossard sales accelerate in Q2 12 July 2018

Bossard Group reported Q2 2018 sales of CHF 225.9 million, representing a 15.1% increase over the same period last year. Sales for the first half of the year reached CHF 446.3 million, a 13.0% increase, with growth reported from all operating regions.

Accounting for 58% of total sales, European business grew 16.7% in the first half of the year, to CHF 260.5 million. This reflected growth in local currencies of 10.4%. Second quarter sales showed an accelerated growth curve, with a gain of 18.7% to CHF 128.4 million (+12.8% in local currency).

American business grew 4.5% in the first half year to CHF 119.5 million (+7.7% in local currency), and the second quarter again saw improved growth at 7.0 (+9.0 in local currency).

Asian half year sales increased 15.3% to CHF 66.3 million (+11.8% in local currency), with increasing Asian demand evidenced by a second quarter sales increase of 17.6% to CHF 36.1 million (+14.0% in local currency). China was a major contributor to this increase.

Group Net income for the first half rose 20.4% (excluding a 2017 extraordinary gain from a real-estate sale) to a record high of CHF 49.0 million.

[CHF 100 is approximately EUR86 at interbank]

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