KOHLHAGE invests in new high bay warehouse 16 April 2018

Anyone who is currently on the move in the industrial estate Hönnestraße in the Küntrop district of Neuenrade, Germany, can see them – excavators, bulldozers and construction workers. The reason? KOHLHAGE is building on a grand scale.

Larger excavations are still underway, but KOHLHAGE Group has set an ambitious schedule with the new high bay warehouse due to be completed in October 2018. A key factor in the construction of the new high bay warehouse was KOHLHAGE’s automotive division receiving a major order from the e-mobility sector. At the same time, the KOHLHAGE fasteners division continues to grow continuously.

Marc Schreiber and Sven Lehecka, both managing directors at KOHLHAGE, commented: “The previously available storage, logistics and production space had become considerably too small. Hence enlargement and the new high bay warehouse.”

The decision to build a new high bay warehouse has already had far reaching consequences for the company. As early as last December, the previous warehouse of KOHLHAGE Fasteners, including the employees working there, was completely relocated to Werdohl. Now a new production area of approx. 1,600m2 is being built where KOHLHAGE products were previously stored. “This is a feat of strength for us. This is precisely why we are proud to have met all our deadlines so far. But that only worked because the whole team was involved,” said Schreiber and Lehecka.

The next step is to build a new high bay warehouse – 2,500m² of floor space, 8,400 pallet spaces, and modern packing stations. “Our logistics employees are already looking forward to returning to a completely redesigned workplace in the autumn. Until then, we’ll have to cope with our outsourced logistics,” added Schreiber and Lehecka. “Once we are done, we’ll be even more efficient.”

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