New acquisition and management at Bontempi VIBO 03 December 2019

Italian manufacturer Bontempi VIBO has acquired the entire ownership of FRAM Srl, with the company set to become part of the single organisational structure by the end of 2019.

Set-up at the beginning of 2016, FRAM was created to add expertise in hot forged bolt manufacturing to Bontempi Group’s existing wide range of cold forming capabilities. “In nearly 60 years of being active on the market, we have never set a final destination for our growth,” explains Raoul Bontempi, CEO at Bontempi VIBO. “As a business we want to continuously evolve and obtain the highest customer satisfaction levels. By incorporating FRAM within the Bontempi Group we continue to lead the fastener industry for cold forming and hot forging – all under the Bontempi name.”

Marco Polato – who founded FRAM alongside Raoul – has also become the new sales manager for the Bontempi Group. This is not the only change to the Group management, Vittoriano Calomeni (pictured right), who was sales manager at Bontempi VIBO for over 15 years, has now become the general manager. “Due to the complexity of managing a company with more than 150 people, divided into 3 production plants, I decided to include in our organisation the new role of general manager – with Vittoriano the ideal choice,” states Raoul. “Looking forward, our goal is to continue to grow Bontempi VIBO and be a leader within the global fastener industry.”

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