SARIV doubly greener 31 January 2018

Keeping up with the times and modernising means not just implementing technological solutions within the company, but also paying particular attention to environmental issues, which is becoming more and more important.

For one Italian blind fastener manufacturer, the word ‘environment’ has two connotations – the world we live in, and also the workplace where each of us spend most of the day.

For a long time SARIV Srl has undertaken green initiatives, such as the use of renewable energy sources, and the recent installation of a thermal insulation façade in an environmentally friendly material. Recently it has instituted two new green processes.

Not so long ago, the process of degreasing SARIV’s products was carried out using water. Now, SARIV has implemented an innovative washing system that has allowed it to completely remove water from degreasing. It is a vacuum cleaning machine that separates the mechanical oil from the washing solvent, so that it can be recycled. The use of modified alcohol means a low environmental impact and elimination of waste. It can be vacuum distilled between 90 degrees and 100 degrees, then recovered through a double distillation unit that removes it completely from the oil. Thus, SARIV obtains distilled oil and alcohol that can be reused in a new degreasing process.

The second green initiative was to enrich the SARIV production environment with plants. It’s not just about interior design, though that is quite fashionable now. For chromotherapy, green is the colour of harmony, which aims to give a feeling of relaxation. But most of all, they are sentinels of the health of the air. Plants have been installed in each department of the SARIV production chain, and if the plants themselves are well, it means that the air of that department is healthy and our operators are working in a healthy environment. 


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