US to apply further tariffs on Chinese imports – including fasteners 18 September 2018

The Trump Administration has approved the application of 10% additional import tariffs on a wide range of goods from China, for which imports are estimated to be around US$200 billion. The list includes the majority of fasteners the US imports from China except nuts.

The tariffs come into effect at 10% on 24th September 2018 but the Office of the US Trade Representative has announced the level will increase to 25% from 1st January 2019.

The new tariffs include the majority of fasteners imported from China to the United States except for specific tariff codes for nuts (7318 16.00). The codes on which the tariffs will be applied are:

  • 7318.11.00
  • 7318.12.00 
  • 7318.13.00 
  • 7318.14.10 
  • 7318.14.50 
  • 7318.15.20 
  • 7318.15.40
  • 7318.15.50 
  • 7318.15.60 
  • 7318.15.80
  • 7318.19.00
  • 7318.21.00
  • 7318.22.00 
  • 7318.23.00
  • 7318.24.00 
  • 7318.29.00

The nut tariff code range under 7318 16.00 is not included in the list, although some codes that are subject to tariffs cover assemblies in which nuts may be included. The 7318 1900 ‘Other’ threaded code is also subject to the tariffs. Some 7317 nail and staple tariff codes are also affected. 

The statement from the Office of the United States Trade Representative, including a link to the full list of all affected tariff codes/goods is available from its website

China already filed a complaint to the WTO over US plans to impose these tariffs and has reiterated that it will retaliate against US measures without yet announcing details.

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