Ambrovit: Striving towards service excellence 08 November 2022

Quality, availability and service are the hallmarks that Ambrovit believes differentiates it from its competitors in both Italy and Europe. This year, the company aims to reach new heights of excellence amidst a particularly challenging economic environment, thanks to an increased warehouse capacity and quality products.

Founded in 1997 by the initiative of two entrepreneurs in the fastener industry, the company has become a leader in fastening systems and the ideal partner for both industry and distribution. A recent investment in its automatic warehouse in Garlasco has significantly increased its storage capacity, with the warehouse now 28 metres in height, containing 44,000 pallet spaces, managed by eight stacker cranes, and more than 5,000 daily picking lines. This new investment has helped to ensure prompt delivery in 24/48 hours and has equipped an automated system for the storage of palletised goods so as to closely monitor all processes, as well as increase the productivity of picking activities and all
operating flows.

“Automation is the future and at Ambrovit we are living in the future. We aim for excellence and believe there can be no perfect service if it is not automated. Without constantly investing and enhancing your automation services there can be no clear management of your product offering. Our automated warehouse, as of today, has a buffer area of 310 positions which is equivalent to 10 containers per day, dedicated to the management of incoming goods. The implementation of the automatic warehouse has made it possible to carry out the order fulfillment activity with less difficulty, greater speed and an almost total reduction in errors,” explains Mattia Sozzè, quality manager at Ambrovit SpA. 

Investing in production technology is important, but Ambrovit is also constantly investing in human resources, which it says is the real engine of all production activities. Product packaging also plays a decisive role in achieving maximum efficiency with its daily capacity of 18,000 boxes intended for customers across every sector. In order to optimise the service offered, the packaging is standardised – making it possible to receive the material in-line with customers’ storage needs.

The quality of the product offered and the wide range of screws and bolts available in stock, ready for the fulfillment of orders, is of course paramount to Ambrovit’s achievements. That is why the company has a wide variety of products, such as different types of screws and bolts as well as different finishes and galvanic processes.

“Without presumption, we can proudly say that the inclusion of more than 10,000 items in our catalogue has enabled us to continue to meet the demands of our customers – even in these challenging times we are facing,” comments Mattia Sozzé. “The rising costs of raw material and anti-dumping duties are among the factors that have contributed to the challenges faced by distributors but, while feeling the burden, we believe that maintaining the high standard of product quality and the quality of customer service is the winning strategy. It must also be said that, so far, the market understands the necessary variables and maintains a strong demand.”

“In recent years, from a commercial point of view, we had no particular market declines, but have maintained positive numbers, increasing year by year. Logistical problems, such as in the production and commercial sectors, have been addressed by effective and objective programmatic reorganisation, which has allowed us to respond exhaustively to market demands. For now, everything gives us hope that the growth in logistics issues will stabilise, because only by finding a balance we will avoid seriously compromising the market in our industry.”

To be a leader in this market, Ambrovit believes it is not enough to have good products delivered quickly – long-standing relationships are vital and this has never been more true. “Our relationships with our customers are the result of years of collaboration and have been further consolidated over the past few years. As a business you have to work together with your customers to create synergies to address economic aspects; to be as transparent as possible; and to also communicate effectively. This of course means providing product information quickly and clearly – an offering we’ve also enhanced with our online portals.”

Ambrovit’s online portals give customers all the product technical specifications and product updates in a clear, intuitive and easy to view way. There is also an online interactive catalogue that is constantly updated in ‘real time’.

Despite the heights of excellence already reached, the company does not intend to stop here. Today the strategies, which will be announced soon, concern sustainability – a value that the company wants to embrace by becoming the promoter of a possible and necessary change. “For the future we have many plans – Ambrovit is always in constant evolution,” concludes Mattia Sozzé. “In the world of fastening, where the main material is metal, sustainability is important within the supply chain. Because of this, Ambrovit is particularly sensitive and attentive to product finishes, packaging, quality of the working environment, as well as the use of sustainable in-house operating products. Ambrovit will continue to do its part.”

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