Fong Prean – living to solve problems 29 July 2021

With 36 years of experience, and a vastly experienced research and development team, Fong Prean is able to develop and customise products to fulfil market needs and help customers with their product challenges.

Fong Prean Industrial Co Ltd was established in 1986 and started with just a leased factory. Now the company has expanded to have its own 3,300m2 plant and has the machinery and capabilities for providing customised fasteners, cooperating with customers to develop new products.

Over recent years Fong Prean has introduced a host of specialised screws including the patented MS head screw, which was designed for wood and hard gypsum board and can be installed without burrs or damaging the surface – increasing work efficiency.

There is also the Reamer screw, which can drill hardwood without pre-drilling required and reduces splitting – even close to the edge. Fong Prean also points out that its twister thread design provides high holding power and low driving torque, which enhances safety and reduces work time.

Due to the market for fibre cement boards becoming more popular, Fong Prean has also designed a 12-V-Ribs head to provide a perfect countersunk with no burrs and without any extra work for the user.

“As a company we are focused on developing new products and solutions to help solve issues for customers,” explains Fong Prean. “We collect the latest market information and develop and design fasteners to be suitable for new building materials or tools. In addition, we continuously collect data and look to optimise our systems, as well as update equipment, to enable us to introduce new processes and new possibilities. Whilst doing this we always look to follow international quality standards and continuously train and educate our employees to ensure they understand product features and applications.”

Alongside customised products, Fong Prean is also able to provide a host of standard products, including drywall screws, woodscrews, chipboard screws, decking screws, cement board screws, concrete screws, roofing screws, self-drilling screws, wing tek screws, tapping screws, and stainless steel screws, in diameters M2.6 to M11 and lengths from 9mm up to 400mm.

The company supplies these products globally, with its main markets currently in North America, Europe and Japan – especially in the architecture, DIY, construction, as well as furniture sectors.

Fong Prean is keen to point out that alongside its ability for customisation and innovation, it is also committed to quality. “We check and test every step from heading, pinch point, threading, heat treatment, coating, packaging and even container loading. We also periodically assist our supporter mills to reach a consistent technology and quality,” mentions Fong Prean. “We want to provide a full service to our customers – from the purchasing to production, logistics, as well as the after sales service – and a key factor in all these areas is ensuring the very highest quality.”

Fong Prean has also made a concerted effort to continue investing within the business, especially when it comes to digital transformation and optimising its systems, as well as updating machines and testing equipment. The company also regularly conducts research in how to further reduce costs and error rates without impacting the quality or service it delivers to customers.

“We keep improving our computer system to assess capacity, shipment times, production plans and quality management traceability, which helps us reduce error rates, increase efficiency and meet the purchasing demands of our customers,” explains Fong Prean. “As a company we have also attached significant importance to being a ‘green’ business, which is why we are looking at sustainable development, our environment policy, as well as educating our employees on the importance of environmental protection.”

Fong Prean concludes: “Since 2017, the number of patented products and customised screws we have produced has increased 30% per year and we believe this will continue to be the case in the future. As a company we will keep collecting data and are always looking to introduce new technologies, optimise our systems, as well as train our staff to develop and design products to fulfil the market needs. Speciality screws, patented fasteners, customised designs, and high value products, are our main focus – we live for solving our customers’ problems.”

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