Hexstone makes a riveting move 17 March 2020

Hexstone, which trades as Owlett-Jaton, has further underlined its position as the leading UK wholesaler for fasteners, fixings, and associated products, with the launch of the new JRP range, which includes over 1,000 lines of rivets, rivet nuts and tools.

Standing for Jaton Riveting Products, the JRP line is a major investment for Hexstone and includes an in-depth range of quality riveting, supported by the key technical and supporting data required by customers. “We are very excited to be finally launching the JRP line and adding rivets to our already high-quality offering,” proudly states Ian Doherty, CEO at Hexstone. “We have always had riveting products as part of our portfolio, but it has been a condensed range of an outside brand. Now we have our own brand and we are proud to launch it into the market.”

Ian continues: “There has always been a desire to introduce our own range of rivets, but launching a new complete line of products is not a simple process. It is a substantial investment in energy, people, products, research, market support and stock. Therefore, as a business we wanted to make sure that if we did it, we committed to it 100%.”

After speaking to its customers and carrying out market research, it became clear there was an opportunity for a new brand within the riveting sector. “We could see there was a need in the market,” mentions Tony Williams, sales director at Hexstone. “However, we didn’t want to just supply the products, we wanted to offer the technical knowledge needed to support the range and help customers.”

“That is why we agreed to introduce the line of rivets, using the same model we used for our JCP range of anchors, which is also supported with a full technical resource,” explains Ian. “This method was very successful for JCP and that is why we decided to do the same for JRP. Customers who use rivets need to be confident the products are the right quality and need to know they can get support with applications and projects. There are a multitude of considerations a user needs to make when picking the right rivet and as a supplier you need to be able to help them. Once we had added this type of knowledge within Hexstone, we knew we could push on with launching the JRP range.”

Complete riveting portfolio
The JRP line includes a wide range of rivets, including standard, sealed, multigrip, peel, grooved, load spread, load spread with washer, and structural rivets. Each type is available in a variety of materials such as aluminium, steel zinc and Clr Tri3, A2 stainless steel, A4 stainless steel, and copper. The sizes available range from 2.4mm up to 9.8mm depending on the product. Head types include dome head, countersunk and flange.

The rivet nuts within the JRP line include flat head knurled round open, flat head knurled round closed, countersunk head knurled round open, countersunk knurled round closed, reduced head knurled round open, reduced head knurled round closed, flat head full hexagon open, reduced head full hexagon open, flat head part hexagon open and reduced head part hexagon open. These are available in aluminium, steel zinc and Clr Tri8, A2 stainless steel, and A4 stainless steel – from M3 to M12.

There are also seven tools within the JRP range, including three for rivets and four for rivet nuts. Plus, there are over 50 lines of spares including replacement heads and additional sized heads. The range will be supported by its own catalogue and website, which will include technical and supporting data, and comes in its own branded packaging – making it easier for customers to identify the JRP range.

“Previously we held around 80 lines of rivets, now we will have over 1,000 lines in stock, which shows how committed we are to the launch,” states Ian. “In addition, we have partnered with leading manufacturers – who work to European standards and have all the relevant European approvals – to guarantee the rivets are of the very highest quality and meet the standards our customers expect from Owlett-Jaton and Hexstone.”

Full service support
The new JRP line will also benefit from the stock capabilities and service available from Hexstone’s head office and warehouse in Stone, Staffordshire. “As a GB£60 million business, we can support the JRP range with warehousing, quality commitment, services, and an experienced sales team,” mentions Tony. “The standard we apply to our main stream businesses in terms of quality are also applied to the new JRP range, which is very important to us. We are fully committed to the range and we already have stock in the warehouse, as well as more ‘on the water’.”

Hexstone has been able to add the full range of JRP to its warehouse thanks to an investment in a further four modular vertical storing lifts – worth over GB£250,000 – which created the required space. “As a business we are always looking to invest where we see opportunities and where we can supply real support to our customers,” explains Ian. “The new JRP line, and the new storing lifts, are prime examples of us looking to meet customers’ needs and becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for all fasteners and fixings. Customers can now make one phone call to their local sales office and buy the full range of JRP, alongside all the other product available from Hexstone.”

Market focus
Initially Owlett-Jaton will be launching the JRP range within the UK, but does have plans for future expansion. “We will concentrate on the UK market, and I am sure we will enter the Republic of Ireland market as well,” mentions Ian. “The challenge we face with the non-UK business is at the moment we do not know how long the BREXIT transitional period will last (currently scheduled for 31st December 2020) and also what technical trade restrictions/agreements will be agreed. Therefore, our primary focus will be the UK and once there is clarity on the post BREXIT situation we will look at opportunities available to us to expand beyond the UK.”

Ian concludes: “As a company we have put a lot of effort into the development and launch of the JRP line and I am proud of what we have achieved. I am sure that once customers see the depth of the range, the quality of the products, and the support we can offer, they will be equally as impressed.”

The ingenious Blind Bolt

Hexstone has also announced that it has been named as a master wholesaler for Blind Bolt – an ingenious solution for blind fixing applications.

The Blind Bolt can be used on a multitude of projects through the construction industry including hollow sections, girders and beams, masonry support systems, as well as cladding and façades.

“The Blind Bolt is a very innovative and clever product,” points out Tony Williams, sales director at Hexstone. “The main advantages of the Blind Bolt are that it is the only true removable blind fixing available for structural connections and it does not require an oversized hole. It can be installed in just a standard hole clearance.”

In addition, the heavy-duty version of the Blind Bolt features a patented locking pin; has a higher tensile strength than the standard Blind Bolt; and guarantees very fast installation with no special tools required.



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