Planning for a ‘revolution’ 15 September 2020

For Ambrovit SpA 2020 has been a year of transition, a year to strengthen its operations and be part of an active market recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, we speak to Mattia Sozzè, quality manager, on how Ambrovit was able to adapt during the pandemic, and the company’s plans going forward.

The pandemic has undoubtedly impacted everybody within the industry. After nearly six months, how is your business now operating?

“We have had to suffer the negative consequences of the pandemic both commercially and in terms of turnover, having to unexpectedly and significantly modify our plans for 2020. Someone once said that ‘a problem is an opportunity to grow’. At a very difficult time, when everything is complicated by so many challenges, Ambrovit has found the strength and courage to maintain a constructive attitude.

In a more unified way than ever before, management and the entire workforce have suddenly appreciated the need to create new organisational, operating and management methods. These are changes which, after an initial experimental phase, have given very encouraging results to such an extent that their future, long-term application is being considered.

Adapting our procedures to this unique situation has enabled us to have a full and efficient supply chain operation. A worldwide freeze in the markets and operations has resulted in a downturn, reducing consumption and therefore turnover. Nevertheless, we continue to work with enthusiasm, trusting that the markets will soon resume their normal pace and begin moving towards a recovery.

These adaptations included putting into place stringent measures to safeguard the health of all staff members and also putting into effect new logistics technologies.From the first signs of the pandemic, we took steps to counter the possible spread of infection, with a series of measures designed primarily to protect our personnel. We also made sure that we were in strict compliance with all government instructions.”

How is Ambrovit managing its supply chain, as well as its customers, in such a situation, as well as going forward?

“Management of our suppliers has not changed. Certainly the problems associated with travelling have meant we are not able to engage in direct contact and checks in the supply chain. However, we have cemented such strong relationships with our suppliers over the years that, even if contact for the time being is only by video conference, we still have effective relations that guarantee consistency of supply. The same also applies to our own clients, whom we have continued to supply with the products they require.

We have also made some technical changes, in particular the implementation of a new automated system for the management of quality controls on incoming materials, which are pre-stocked, inspected and made available for sale. We are also making sure we are keeping pace with research and development on new products by expanding the extensive ranges we already have in our catalogue. Working together with our suppliers, we have introduced new types of bolts, which are in high demand on the market and have included them for the first time in our catalogue – increasing the already extensive range of products we offer.

Moreover, after careful product analysis and a series of inspection and verification procedures, we have now also made rivets available to our customers for various applications – with sizes for every requirement. As well as this, new high performance screws for concrete have now also been included in the catalogue with special threads enabling them to be screwed directly into the material. These screws are patented and have a European Technical Assessment certification.

Up to now all our customers have been able to count on prompt delivery of all catalogue products with careful order verification processes and the timely deliveries and shipments they are used to. They can also count on aftersales service with qualified personnel able to assist them on the use of the products or applications and advice on which product to purchase for their requirements.”

What does the remainder of 2020 and beyond hold for Ambrovit?

“Ambrovit will regard 2020 as a year of transition. Obviously the pandemic situation has changed the plans we had originally made for this year, with every new product having to be considered as a result of extensive forward planning. Now it’s important we look ahead to the recovery of our market and strengthen our bases to use them as a ‘springboard’. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are planning ahead, ready to be part of the inevitable active recovery of our industry – our ‘revolution’.”

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