Professional solutions ‘Made in Germany’ 22 November 2021

Whether for professional applications on building façades or for anchoring solutions for technical facilities inside buildings, EJOT presents itself as the provider of the right fastening solution, ‘Made in Germany’, for every application.

EJOT offers a broad range of innovative fastening elements, such as self-tapping screws for metal and plastics, engineered plastic and metal formed parts, a complete range of fasteners for roofing and cladding, the ejotherm® programme for fixing External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) and the award winning CROSSFIX® substructure system for rear ventilated façade constructions. Its main products are drilling and sealing screws, nylon anchors, assembly elements for attachments, profiles, chemical and mechanical anchors, as well as fasteners for flat roofs and solar applications. 

“We set ourselves very high standards internally at EJOT, which we audit regularly to ensure our customers receive consistently high-quality in both services and products,” comments Dr Jens Oliver Weber, managing director at EJOT Baubefestigungen GmbH. “The requirements of the construction industry are diverse and our solutions for making our customers’ projects a success need to reflect this. As a German manufacturer, we need to have flexibility in our production to react to the challenges in the market – whether that’s increasing demand or winning over customers through better delivery capacity – something that’s been so important over the past year or so.”

“‘Made in Germany’ stands for high-quality, whether that’s in the fast, customer oriented services we offer or the fully developed innovative products that comply with regulations. In Germany, and some other countries, we are currently establishing a building trade concept in order to be able to offer our customers even faster availability of our most important products. This concept is already very successful in some of our subsidiaries abroad.” 

As an international company with 38 subsidiaries and a turnover rate of about 70% outside of Germany, EJOT conforms with all international standards and certifications, but also ensures that uniform standards for quality and environmental management, and occupational safety, are observed across all EJOT locations worldwide, such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

As well as a focus on these international standards, EJOT is also concentrating on sustainability and its carbon footprint. The company is aiming for climate neutrality by 2035. “As a global company, we bear responsibility towards our employees, business partners and future generations. With this focus, we are reaffirming our commitment to reduce greenhouse gases in order to protect the environment and to drive forward sustainable development in our company,” explains Dr Weber. “Our products also help us to achieve these goals, because screws are basically detachable products and therefore recyclable.”

EJOT’s products are also used to fasten systems for renewable energies such as photovoltaics, as well as for fastening components for the thermal insulation of buildings. “In terms of the construction sector, the last two years have developed very positively for EJOT,” points out Dr Weber. “The pandemic did not have a significant impact on the construction business in Germany, so 2021 has exceeded our expectations. However, there are still challenges we face including in the supply chain, as well as raw material challenges. As a fastener manufacturer, we tried to maintain price stability for our customers, where possible, for as long as possible. When this was no longer possible, we announced price increases as early, and as transparently, as possible.”

Dr Weber concludes: “We expect healthy growth for the next five years in the construction market, but that is not certain. There are currently too many influencing factors that can dramatically change the situation on the market at short notice. Therefore, we must continue to be flexible and reliable – two very important building blocks for the future.”

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