Washers are part of our DNA 20 January 2021

Here we speak to Fredrik Meuller, CEO at Nord-Lock Group, about how and why Nord-Lock’s washers are used for key infrastructure projects, as well as what makes Nord-Lock Group special.

Why are Nord-Lock washers so commonly used in infrastructure projects?

“Typically, these are projects that demand highly advanced engineering for tough environments where failure is not an option. Thus, our unique fastening expertise and application experience is very relevant and sought after.

Also, our proven performance track record, from a very large number of successful installations worldwide over the years, makes a huge difference when project stakeholders wish to mitigate risk. Our products are extremely reliable, as documented by our sophisticated in-house testing procedures, which are also available to our customers.

It is also a clever investment in the long run, as they are easy to install and basically require little to no maintenance. Our products constitute a small cost in the total scheme of a large project, but from a safety perspective they make a huge difference.”

What makes Nord-Lock washers stand out?

“We are the original inventor and manufacturer of these advanced washers and we have been leading the development of the product and its applications since 1982. Our attention to safety and detail, with each pair of washers being just as important and well functioning as the other millions of pairs produced every week, is truly unique. This is a central part of our DNA. We offer a full Lifetime Warranty and the best corrosion resistance on the market.”

What makes Nord-Lock Group special as a company?

“We love problem solving, preferably in close cooperation with the end user and early on in the project design and planning phase. Again, we have been the market leader within this advanced niche of the fastening business for a very long time, so the skill set of our employees is really second-to-none. If you face a fastening problem, we have probably solved it before. The financial muscle and long-term perspective of our owners means that customers see us as a ‘flight to safety’ – a feature of particular importance when considering large and complex projects in times of uncertainty and instability, such as during a pandemic.”

What trends do you see for the future?

“We will definitely see more investment in infrastructure as there is a large need for it both in the developed and developing world. It is also a clever investment, which provides benefits long into the future. Digitalisation is another trend that is here to stay. Digital and SMART technology simplifies ways of doing business with our customers, and further enhances the safety and quality of products – while reducing operating costs. Furthermore, sustainability is non-negotiable over a product’s entire life cycle. There are no longer any excuses for not caring about the environment, health and safety, or society at large. Last but not least, the combination of global reach and local presence, where you can quickly leverage knowledge in one market and add substantial value through a close customer relationship in another. This is yet another competitive advantage of Nord-Lock Group and definitely something that is sought after by many of our accounts today.” 


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