Issue: #106 July 2017


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15 July 2017

Don’t put your swimsuit on just yet…

The summer holidays are almost upon us, but before you get ready for the beach we have the July issue, which includes some very special features. 

Firstly, Executive Editor Phil Matten spent a week visiting some of the key fastener manufacturers in Turkey for our Made in Turkey feature. Over the last decade the Turkish fastener industry and its markets have grown significantly, as has the number and the competence of its producers.

We have exclusive articles from NORM Group, Çetin Civata, Teknoform, as well as a host of other key producers.  For July, I had the pleasure of visiting BRALO Group’s headquarters in Spain to learn more about this special reference in the industry and experience the warm hospitality of Managing Director Basilio López and his team. For our Cover Story I also took a trip, although not quite as far, to Hexstone Group in Stone, UK, to find out more about UNIFIX’s launch of its new Trade bag packaging range and how the UNIFIX brand, as part of the Hexstone Group, is looking to keeps itself at the forefront of the market. 

Undoubtedly one of the key sectors for the fastener industry is the automotive market. The Automotive feature in Application Technology has two exclusive in-depth interviews that focus on the relationship between the two markets. Firstly, I visited Koninklijke Nedschroef in the Netherlands to speak to Dr Matthias Hüttenrauch, CEO and chairman of the board, who talked about the challenges of supplying the automotive market and the need for advanced solutions and services. There is also an interview with Mike Mowins, president of Phillips Screw Company, that focuses on trends within the automotive market including lightweighting and fastener development. 

Other automotive related articles include a report from ARaymond on its new production site in Germany – the largest site in the global network, which includes the entire manufacturing chain for metallic goods. NORMA Group also looks at the factors to consider regarding vehicle development and how it can work with customers to design new solutions.

Other articles include a thought-provoking piece from Barbara Sorgato, secretary general of the European Consortium of Anchor Producers, who reflects on the implications of the seemingly painful and convoluted transition from ETAGs to EADS; as well as Christie Jones, market development manager at Spirol International, who explains how to design assemblies that use coiled pins for locating and alignment.

Finally, we have a special feature on nuts, washers and locking systems in our Products + Tools section. Articles include Staytite Ltd concentrating on what contributes a locking nut; HEICO Group looks at what it takes to provide the highest standards of bolt security; Nord-Lock highlights its Lifetime Warranty and the importance of safety; as well as Henkel focusing on how to prevent nut and bolt self-loosening.