Dimac Service partnership 05 November 2018

Instant connectivity enabled through new technologies in the field of augmented reality is enabling Dimac Srl to stay in touch with customers and provide top level user-friendly support.

Among the innovations Dimac showed at wire® 2018 – for its special 30th anniversary celebration – was a new App, ACTY, which was specifically conceived to assist customers. ACTY is a video support platform providing remote assistance in ‘real time’ with augmented reality tools.

The App has been developed to support customer operators in troubleshooting the Dimac machines remotely to avoid any intervention at the customer’s site. That means cost-effectiveness – streamlining and abating any down time – whilst facilitating and speeding up the machine cycle restart.

Aiming to remain one step ahead of its competitors and revolutionising 100% quality control technology, the App is part of Dimac Servicing 4.0, which also includes the high performance MCVx Remote suite, which is an easy to manage, light and user-friendly solution.

How the Dimac ACTY App works:
1. When an operator needs to troubleshoot a Dimac sorting machine they click on the ACTY App on their smartphone, where they will gain access to the Dimac Service System queue and be given an access code number.
2. The code number allows the operator to be registered among the Dimac Service System end users, and they will get immediate online video chat support by a technician.
3. The Dimac Service will be given remote control of the operator’s smartphone camera and light to have a live view of the situation on the machine at the operator’s site.
4. The Dimac technician will then be able to chat with the operator via a headset or text and can draw augmented reality indications on the live image, which the operator views. Guided information is fed on the screen to help the operator. It doesn’t matter whether they need support for the set-up or for the troubleshooting. Dimac Service can also feed technical datasheets or user manuals directly onto the operator’s device screen.
5. ‘Smart glasses’ are available at the customer’s site (offered by Dimac as an option). The operator can wear the smart glasses to operate the machine handsfree whilst viewing all the information on the ‘smart glasses’ oculars. 6. Once the call is finished it is registered on the Dimac Service Database, on the cloud, to keep track of all chat and data exchanged support for any future need.

The Acty App is multilingual (available in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Russian) and suitable for both Windows/Mac operating systems and iOS/Android smartphones or tablets.


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