The new ORSY®mat WGT 26 March 2020

Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG has introduced the new ORSY®mat WGT weighing system – one of six automatic vending machine models that offers secure, automated supply of tools, and operating materials, in industrial production and maintenance.

The ORSY®mat WGT, where WGT stands for weight, is the latest vending machine system featuring integrated weighing technology. It is particularly suitable for simultaneous retrieval of multiple items; retrieval of individual items within a packaging unit; and fully automated reordering of MRO products.

Efficient supply of tools and operating materials
Operating materials such as sanding discs, drills, hand tools, or gloves, usually have a low goods value. However, if one of these items is missing, this can halt production – resulting in huge costs and making the item significantly more essential with each second that passes.

The ORSYmat vending machine solutions make sure this never happens. Manufacturing customers can benefit from the secure, automated supply of indirect materials, which is perfectly tailored to their specific requirements, all with reduced procurement costs. The machine makes material supply significantly simpler, as items are available 24/7 and are reordered automatically based on the rate of consumption. This ensures there is always sufficient stock without tying up too much capital or storage space, and also helps reduce the risk of items becoming obsolete. Placing the machine in a central location means the main material output is more accessible, freeing up time for core processes in purchasing, logistics, production and maintenance.

Innovative weighing technology
The ORSYmat WGT uses precise weighing cells that store the weight of each product to detect when an item is retrieved. This technology enables the retrieval of individual items within a packing unit, as well as the simultaneous retrieval of multiple items, just like in standard material cabinets.

The weighing system is equipped with various sizes of weighing cells, making it suitable for the management of most tools and operating materials. Large weighing cells can be installed in the ORSYmat WGT to allow large volume items such as protective suits, leather gloves or large sanding discs to be stored. Each machine is capable of storing and managing up to 80 different items. If multiple vending machines with weighing systems are being used, the modules can be connected together with one vending machine acting as the control system, so the user only needs to log in once to gain access to all the units.

In order to avoid unauthorised access, the ORSYmat WGT and the other vending machine systems are access protected, with the option to add different user permissions. RFID cards are used for login and retrieval, and can be used with all vending machines.

Transparent process
The ORSYmat systems are closely linked to the Würth Industrie Service ERP system. All item data, such as the article number, name and images, are loaded from the Würth system via the wireless network. This is the same for orders – once an order has been generated, it is transmitted to the Würth Industrie Service ERP system without any manual input by the employee. After retrieval, the item data, description, and removal quantity, are automatically transferred to the Würth system and a logistically optimised refill is triggered. All transaction data for the vending machine systems is presented clearly and simply in the reporting system. Retrievals can also be assigned to specific cost centres.

Extensive analysis functions enable a wide range of consumption and usage data to be considered as part of the material management, providing complete transparency. The relevant cost centres can also be evaluated, which offers a high degree of traceability. The key figures can then be used for evaluating internal ordering processes.


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