A new way for tools 22 April 2021

TEMSA states manufacturers of fixing elements with hexagonal parts such as bolts and screws heads, as well as nut manufacturers, will be able to achieve a better surface finish and a longer life span of tools thanks to a new way of manufacturing the carbide segments.

TEMSA continuously looks to innovate technologies that have been long established according to a standard. For instance, in order to achieve a better surface finish, and a longer life span of the tools, its engineering team has developed a new way to manufacture carbide segments through grinding processes instead of traditional wire erosion processes.

In this process three companies are involved – METADUR, PLUSDUR and TEMSA. METADUR manufactures the G50 and G60 bars in a very short delivery term, so PLUSDUR can grind bars down to the required surfaces with its four axes grinding machines. This is done according to drawings prepared by designers at TEMSA.

These three companies are applying extensive experience in cold forming processes and tool designing, to calculate the shrinking coefficient of the segments after pressing them in the steel case – so they match exactly the required dimensions of the final tool as per the customer’s drawing. This means no erosion is needed afterwards to correct any deviation whatsoever. This prevents microbreaks and other undesirable surface problems that are usually expected in these cold forming tools. 

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