Dimac goes on the road 10 July 2018

For its 30th anniversary celebrations Dimac Srl attended three shows, in Turkey, the USA, and Germany, to underline its capabilities and innovative solutions for the inspection and sorting of fasteners and special parts.

The first show Dimac attended was Fastener Fair Turkey where it announced an investment in a new factory site, as well as in smart supply and integrated product development.

Dimac again underlined its capabilities at the Fastener Fair USA show in Cleveland, Ohio, partnering up with Angor-Tools. Reporting a crowded stand, Dimac impressed visitors with its restyled release of MCV1, combined in a turnkey solution with Angor Bulk Loader and AVBC box packing machine. Live demonstrations on the stand highlighted the high-speed sorting machine, targeting all the indicators to approach 100% OK parts – inspecting a wide spectrum of fasteners by high resolution optics, and advanced NDT device for heat treatment detection.

In a redesigned stand that included space for demonstrations and technical training, Dimac also attended wire® 2018 where customers and visitors participated in special workshop sessions consulted with Dimac experts, and experienced the latest inspection and sorting technology in a strong turnout of proposals and new projects.

Visitors could also learn more about Dimac’s SPC-ROBOT, Industry 4.0-oriented equipment that enables automated SPC measurements inspection and data collection – dramatically reducing the downtimes dedicated to SPC controls. Plus, visitors could find out more about MCV0 – the ultimate inspection and sorting machine for micro-screws used for fixing electrical parts and batteries of the new generation on hybrid electric vehicles. Through all of its innovative solutions, Dimac can achieve 100% control series for fasteners from M1.5 to M25, from 5mm to 300mm long.

General Manager Massimo Agrati commented: “At Dimac we are all pleased to improve the partnership with our customers who are bringing new ideas, especially in essential markets for our segment as Turkey, Germany and the USA.”

Dimac ready for the mobile revolution
Amongst the previews at wire 2018, Dimac also focused on its new App – ACTY, which has been specifically conceived for customers’ assistance and provides a video support platform for remote assistance in real time.

The ACTY App has been developed to troubleshoot the Dimac machines remotely prior to any intervention at a customer’s site – helping to simplify the job of the operators. The App makes things more cost-effective by streamlining and abating any down time, whilst facilitating and speeding up the machine cycle restart.

The Dimac ACTY App works in six steps:
1. An operator needs to troubleshoot a Dimac sorting machine. They click the ACTY App on their smartphone to access the Dimac Service System queue getting an access code number.
2. The operator communicates the access code to Dimac and they are then registered among the Dimac Service System End Users, getting immediate online video chat support by a technician.
3. The Dimac Service gets the remote direct control of the smartphone or tablet camera and light to view the situation on the machine at the operator’s site.
4. The Dimac Service chats with the operator by headset or text and can draw augmented reality indications on the live image, which the operator views on their smartphone. Guided information is fed on the smartphone/tablet screen to help the operator, it doesn’t matter whether they need support for the set-up or for the troubleshooting. Dimac service can also feed technical datasheets or user manual directly onto the operator’s device screen.
5. If smart glasses are available at customer’s site, (offered by Dimac as an option), the operator can wear the smart glasses to operate the machine with free hands while viewing all the information on the smart glasses oculars.
6. When the service call is closed, all the technical details would be registered in the Dimac Service database on the cloud to keep track of the support at any time and for any future need.

The ACTY App is multilingual (available in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Russian) and suitable for Windows/mac operating system and iOS/Android smartphones or tablets.


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