Fully automatic mesh belt line 14 June 2022

Meapforni has recently delivered and installed a new mesh belt line, with a 1,000kg/hour capacity, to one of the biggest European fastener producers. The line is completely automatic and composed of a loading from parts box, pre-washing, carburising furnace and oil tank, post washer, as well as a tempering furnace.

Located in Fontanafredda, north east of Italy – only 70km north of Venice Marco Polo international airport, Meapforni Srl specialises in turn key applications related to furnace production for heat treatment. Covering various applications, not only regarding the project but also processes and metallurgical aspects, the company produces furnaces both atmospheric and non-atmospheric for the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous components.

Its range of products include automatic batch type lines, mesh belt lines, rollers lines, rotative furnaces integrated into robotised cells, vacuum furnaces up to 20 bars, low pressure nitriding furnaces, low pressure carburising furnaces, as well as aluminium solubilisation and ageing.

Another typical product line is the production of complete automated systems dedicated to fastener producers. The range of this product varies from 250 kg/hour – 1,000 kg/hour in capacity – both in an electric or gas heated versions. 


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