On the route to fastener innovation 02 May 2019

SPC-ROBOT, a robotised unit with cobot, enables the automatic control and execution of complex measurements, SPC data calculation and collection, non-contact and human error‑free.

SPC data collection has become a talking point within companies, due to the time needed for operators in key departments to measure the produced parts – using calipers, hand micrometres and a variety of other tools. In some companies, every thirty minutes they have to measure five parts with different parameters each, which can be extremely time‑consuming.

Expressly conceived for Industry 4.0, SPC-ROBOT is ‘one of a kind’ equipment, differing from any other product designed for similar purposes, using the latest automation and state of the art robotics. It enables companies to carry out automated statistical parts control in process, as well as the related data collection, on the production floor – achieving sustained quality by stable, predictable process results.

The main benefit of SPC-ROBOT is that it automates several inspection processes that are repeated. Getting operators to repeat the same operation eight hours a day seems very inefficient when a robot can do the same job, in the same time interval. The SPC-ROBOT can be left to work on its own – it does not need to be monitored.

In addition, the use of cobots mean the system is very user‑friendly and does not require any technical knowledge. The cobot used is a very popular version, an open-source system, which means there are a lot of different plug-and-play options for it, such as different gripping systems. This is very beneficial, as fasteners are very complex to handle and have different shapes and geometries.

With an accuracy up to 5μm and repeatability up to 3μm, three models are available with a working range of 4mm – 25 mm in diameter, with a length of 30mm – 150mm. SPC‑ROBOT also offers tangible and identifiable advantages for the end user including an easy touch screen, unlimited number of plans storing, barcode reading, interfacing with the net and ERP system and a data backup system by UPS with floating battery.


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