Worldwide success for the KIESERLING H 650 29 October 2018

WAFIOS Umformtechnik states that its machines win over customers from all around the world due to their high efficiency and precision, as well as innovative technology – with the most recent example the KIESERLING header Type H 650.

The KIESERLING header Type H 650 features six stations and is ideal for the production of high precision, formed components in small to medium wire diameters. Through the quick changeover system and automatic adjustment (for example with punch and die blocks) the set-up and non-productive times are reduced to a minimum – allowing for high productivity growth and cost savings.

WAFIOS points out that the fully developed technology, reliability, and quality, of the KIESERLING H 650 are demonstrated in continuous daily use, with the placement grippers, blank stoppers, and virtually play-free guides of the carriage, proving themselves under all operating conditions.

In addition, with the inductive wire pre-warming integrated directly in the machine, high strength materials such as titanium alloys or inconel can also be formed with a lower press force. Additional options for expansion include transfer with electrical adjustment of the cams, tool adjustment fixture and monitoring of the feed length for linear in feeding.

“The KIESERLING H 650 is only one example of WAFIOS Umformtechnik’s solutions. Nevertheless, it is clear where the advantages for customers lie and why the machines are so in demand all over the world,” comments WAFIOS.

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