Wrexham Wire’s new coating cuts costs and reduces environmental impact 16 October 2019

Wrexham Wire has recently added Gardo Hybrid to its chemical coating portfolio to further widen customer choice. The hybrid coating is a direct replacement for zinc phosphate and offers additional benefits.

Unlike phosphate, Gardo Hybrid coating does not require removal prior to heat treatment – reducing the processes and therefore cost. It also contains no heavy metals or CMR substances making it more environmentally friendly.

Wrexham Wire states it was also the first in the cold heading wire industry to introduce a polymer in-line coating from its UK facility, which provides a more uniform and consistent coating – giving greater performance and facilitates more complex heading applications. It is an environmentally friendly process, which is water-based and is free of heavy metals and VOC (volatile organic compound) and causes no dust or contamination of heading oils and lubricants. It offers a cost-effective alternative to soap and solid lubricant-based coating processes.

Both of these coatings offer a range of benefits including:

  • Improved output compared to batch coated material in-line polymer only.
  • Reduced tool wear and increased lifespan.
  • The capability to produce more complex parts in fewer stages.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Higher run speeds and productivity.
  • Longer lifespan of heading oils as no soap contamination.

These coatings are in addition to other coatings offered by Wrexham Wire, which include HCI pickling, zinc phosphate, copper wash, reactive soap, electro plate galvanised and lime.


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