BUMAX reduces prices of fasteners used in ventilators 10 July 2020

In an effort to help overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, BUMAX has decided to offer its premium fasteners, used in ventilators, at cost to all medical equipment manufacturers.

All around the globe, healthcare providers are using ventilators to treat the growing number of Covid-19 patients. Ventilators are essential in keeping people alive by helping to oxygenate their bloodstream. However, many hospitals don’t have enough ventilators and BUMAX has offered to support their production by providing at cost fasteners.

“We have already offered at cost fasteners to companies manufacturing ‘basic’ breathing machines that can be rapidly produced on a large-scale to cope with demand and save lives.

This is an open offer to all companies around the world who are developing and producing ventilators and other critical medical equipment to deal with Covid-19 – so please contact me to find out more,” said Patrik Lundström Törnquist, managing director at BUMAX.

Manufacturers of medical components, including for ventilators, typically opt for BUMAX® fasteners as they offer higher strength and consistency. “Our products reduce the risk of device failure – which can be critical in medical applications,” commented Törnquist.

Maintaining the supply chain
Premium fasteners play an important role in a wide range of critical applications all around the world. BUMAX is working to maintain the supply of its fasteners to ensure Covid-19 has minimal disruption on the global supply chain.

“We already maintain a large stock of our products that are ready for shipping – including both standard BUMAX products and some custom products. We have also set-up our production teams in Sweden to minimise the direct impacts of Covid-19 on our production,” explained Törnquist.

In a related development, BUMAX has also just launched a new ‘shopping cart’ and ordering function on its website to further facilitate order placements and swift deliveries.

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