EvoTorque® offers cordless revolution 03 March 2020

Norbar Torque Tools has launched a cordless torque tool, the EvoTorque® battery tool (EBT), specifically designed to improve performance and data traceability in safety critical and heavy industrial operations, such as manufacturing.

The new EBT is ideally suited for all applications where conventional electric or pneumatic power is not available or simply in situations where the removal of hoses and cables is needed to improve workplace safety.

Developed to meet the market need for cordless torque tools, the EBT removes the need for on-site generators, eliminates the problem of unreliable on-site voltage stability and declutters the workplace of trailing cables and hoses. It is capable of delivering exceptional power and accuracy whilst, crucially, gathering and transmitting the mission critical data required for modern quality control systems.

The new battery tool is equipped with a high powered, no maintenance brushless motor, which provides significantly greater power than similar tools on the market and outstanding thermal durability.

From the outset, Norbar recognised that speed of operation is one of the most important factors for most tool users. With this in mind, a new automatic two speed gearbox was developed and offered as an option on all EBT models. This allows the tools to run at between 4 and 5 times the speed of single speed tools under low load and automatically shift to a high torque, low speed gear for final tightening. The additional benefit of an automatic gear change, compared with the manual change offered by many competitors, is that no time is lost in stopping, shifting and restarting the tool.

“Most torque tool users want to know how many tightening cycles the tool will perform from a battery, but the more relevant question usually is, how many cycles will the tool perform before it overheats?” commented Philip Brodey, project sponsor at Norbar Torque Tools. “The new EvoTorque EBT is designed to offer outstanding performance whilst minimising the traditional overheating problem of battery operated tools. In short, under the same conditions a Norbar EBT will keep working when most competitor’s tools have to be stopped to cool.”

Philip continues: “Critical in the design of the new EBT is the ability for the tool to deliver precise torque, to within ±3% of setting. To achieve this, the EBT joins a small group of tools on the market that are transducer controlled rather than current controlled. Coupled with Norbar’s unique joint sensing software, this makes the EBT one of the most accurate torque tools available over a wide range of joint types.”

Norbar’s EBT cordless torque tool family has three torque ranges; 1,350Nm, 2,700Nm and 4,000Nm. Tools are supplied kitted in a hard case with two batteries and a three bay rapid charger that enables cold batteries to be fully charged from flat in 45 minutes. There is also a ‘bare tool’ option for customers who already have a sufficient number of batteries and chargers. Accessories including a ‘Right-Angle Gearbox’ and offset gearboxes that are designed to reach bolts with limited head room will also follow shortly.

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