Maximum precision and safety 13 May 2019

Whether trade or industry, precision tools that keep rigidly to the required tightening torque are essential for almost every kind of screw connection. With the DREMASTER® series, GEDORE offers robust adjustable and actuating pipe torque wrenches with a square drive for controlled bi-directional tightening.

Available in the drive sizes ½ inch and ¾ inch, GEDORE says the tools guarantee the highest precision and safety even under extreme conditions. Thanks to an ergonomic handgrip with the calibration tool and integrated ratchet function, even challenging installations can be completed quickly and without complication.

The DREMASTER® is fitted with a micrometre scale (Nm/lbf.ft), and thanks to the patented changeover switch, only one unit is every displayed in the viewing area. This facilitates the precise and safe setting of the torque value. Whether a mushroom head, changeover, spigot or rectangular cavity, the DREMASTER is available in various designs for use in ranges from 20Nm to 850Nm.

The galvanised ratchet of the DREMASTER K ½ inch – ¾ inch torque wrench has a mushroom head and push-button release. The mushroom head prevents the whole square drive from accidentally being pulled out when changing the sockets. Removing the mushroom head to change the direction of rotation and reinserting the square drive is easy. Being able to change the square drive facilitates controlled bi-directional tightening. The pipe torque wrench is suitable for tightening over a range of 20Nm – 850Nm/15lbf.ft – 630lbf.ft.

The torque wrench DREMASTER UK ½ inch with a changeover square drive and integrated ratchet function is used for controlled clockwise tightening over a range of 20Nm – 300Nm/15lbf.ft – 220lbf.ft. The reversible ratchet is turned clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on the chosen direction.

Also available, the adjustable actuating pipe torque wrench DREMASTER Z with spigot end (depth gauge 16mm or 22mm diameter) is suitable for controlled bidirectional tightening over a range of 20Nm – 850Nm. The tool quick change system with locking pin guarantees fast and flexible working even in hard to access areas. For instance, open end fittings can be used to carry out brake line or flange screw connections. Socket bits can also be used along with ratchet heads.

These properties are also shared by the more compact DREMASTER SE. The torque wrench also has a rectangular cavity with a depth gauge of 9mm x 12mm or 14mm x 18mm, and facilitates controlled bi-directional tightening over the most common range of 20Nm – 400Nm.

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