New cordless impact wrench from HAZET 05 November 2019

HAZET has introduced a powerful cordless impact wrench with a power of 18V (5Ah). The basic unit is optionally available solo or with a charger and one or two batteries and is listed under article number 9212-1000 with a square output of size 12.5mm (1/2 inch) or under article number 9213-1000 with a 20mm square (3/4 inch).

The impact wrench is highly efficient in the way it works. There is no need to change carbon brushes thanks to its brush-free DC motor. Plus, its high efficiency helps keep battery consumption low. The compact DC brush motor ensures its dimensions are as small as possible, enabling the tool to remain relatively light with a weight of just 3.64kg. Its dimensions are 278mm x 230mm x 89.5mm including the battery. The basic unit has three selectable performance levels for torque screw tightening:

  • 1st level: Approximately 180Nm at 0rpm – 400rpm.
  • 2nd level: Approximately 400Nm at 0rpm – 800rpm.
  • 3rd level: Approximately 1,000Nm at 0rpm – 1,800rpm.

The sturdy housing is suitable for continuous operation in professional workshops. When operating the switch, the work area is clearly illuminated by the integral LEDs before the first movement by the output. The cordless impact wrench has a multistage forward/reverse mechanism and comes with a belt clip (for attachment on both sides). The maximum tightening torque is 1,000Nm, and maximum loosening torque an impressive 1,400Nm. This means pre-tightening can be limited to the values 180Nm, 400Nm, and 1,000Nm, at the press of a button. All sets are supplied in a sturdy plastic box and are compatible with all batteries from the HAZET range of rechargeable batteries.

High-quality lithium ion battery
The batteries are included in the sets 9212-1000/3 and 9212-1000/4 or 9213-1000/3 and 9213-1000/4. The lithium ion batteries have a much lower self-discharge than conventional NiMH batteries (about 2% compared to 15% – 25%). Featuring a memory effect, they have more than double the energy density of nickel-cadmium batteries and around three times the nominal voltage of nickel-metal hydride batteries. The lithium ion models consist of individual cells each with 3.6V. Once fully charged, however, they have a higher voltage overall. A peak voltage up to 20V is possible with five cells. The charging time for 5Ah batteries is about 80 minutes, but several complete charging cycles are needed to attain full capacity.


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