Rivet nuts spotlight 05 April 2018

Rivet nuts are fasteners that can create a thread on pre-holed plates, having access from one side of the workpiece only, also known as ‘blind application’. Their application does not cause damages or deformations on superficially plated materials.

Rivet nuts are bushings with threaded seat and a chamber to be expanded into a permanent deformation on metal or plastic sheets. They are suitable for receiving other elements to be assembled through the use of screws. This type of fastener is recommended for assembly of boxed-shaped and tubular parts. They can be used to assemble thin sheet materials for a wide variety of industries, including light carpentry, furniture, automotive and domestic appliances.

Coming in all different materials such as zinc plated steel, stainless steel, aluminium – and with different head types such as dome, countersunk or reduced – rivet nuts can feature either cylindrical or hexagonal shank.

Rivit Srl can supply the steel FTC rivet nuts, featuring cylindrical shank and dome head, which is the most popular used type. A special innovation from Rivit is represented by the introduction, in addition to the existing range from M3 to M12, of the M16 – designed for use in heavy-duty carpentry and in all applications requiring high torque resistance characteristics.

For the installation of the rivet nuts, Rivit proposes an extensive range of tools that can be either manual, hydro-pneumatic or battery powered. The hydro-pneumatic RIV916B is the latest innovation in rivet nut tooling, particularly dedicated to M16 rivet nuts, and can be used for installing M12 – M14 and M16 – M20. The tool can install rivet nuts of different hardness, up to 8,000kg (80,000N) of pitch force.


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