Snap instead of screw 29 April 2021

Some solutions can be so simple, for instance the patented DIRAK-SNAP-Technology (DST) creates high strength connections that are equal to screw-based solutions, but achieved with no tools at all, with installation in just seconds – even in poorly accessible places.

The stimulus for this trailblazing invention came to DIRAK Founder Dieter Ramsauer on a trip to the USA. Numerous conversations and observations led to the question: “What can I do for customers to shorten their installation times so they save money?” Then on the return flight to Germany he was struck by a flash of inspiration, which he sketched out on a napkin as there was no paper available – the idea behind DIRAK-SNAP-Technology, now used around the world, was born.

DIRAK-SNAP-Technology uses the operating principle of a slam latch, which is commonly found in doors for houses or rooms. It is based on a guide with tapered clamping jaws and a spring positioned in a window inside the guide. These SNAP elements are inserted into the guide channel of a device and held in place by fixing stops.

If this fastener is then pressed through a cutout, the angled insert of the clamping jaws pushes the SNAP element back like a latch bolt in the guide channel and the spring is tensioned. As soon as the height of the clamping jaws is surpassed, during the insertion process, the tensioned spring presses the SNAP elements back out of the guide channel. A distinctive SNAP sound can be heard as this happens. The result is a fastener now wedged in the cutout and holds the elements to be joined together with great strength.

DIRAK GmbH currently offers around 710 different DST products, designed and manufactured for a wide range of different applications. The current product portfolio ranges from fasteners and hinges to handles and swinghandles, as well as quarter-turns and latches. There are countless other application possibilities for DIRAK-SNAP-Technology, some of them already in development.

The patented connection technique of DIRAK-SNAP-Technology enables easy, tool-less installation in just seconds while ensuring maximum reliability – due to its exact and strong force fit connections, even in applications that are hard to access. DST withstands high strains and guarantees high strength and pull forces equal to screw connections in every regard.

In addition, DST products are rattle, vibration and shock-proof. They are able to withstand the heaviest strains without compromising their fit accuracy and reliable high strength connections. Numerous DST solutions have been tested for vibration and shock (DIN EN 61373) as well as earthquakes (GR-63-CORE, Issue 4).  

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