VIPA expands again 12 July 2018

A wide range of products and a high-level of service, with an efficient automated warehouse, are the elements on which VIPA SpA supplies fasteners such as nuts, bolts and screws.

The result is a wide range of solutions – over 65,000 product varieties including high-tensile strength and low-tensile strength. VIPA is also able to carry out all necessary tests to guarantee the quality of the products, according to certified norms.

The company is certified as a producer for structural bolts according to EN 15048-2007 standard. Another construction product lately released in the range are screws according to EN 14399 in HV kits. The catalogue includes all the sizes of hex head bolts plain and galvanised from M12 to M36. The core business, mostly available in the 8.8 classes, has a very interesting range from M2.5 up to M56 in all the various lengths – larger sizes can be manufactured upon demand.

Significant investments are always made on a regular basis, which allows VIPA to keep up with the technological development of the markets. The company is able to handle over 120,000 pallets with the use of an automated warehouse composed of 12 robot aisles, enabling it to fulfil any quick demand.

VIPA is now also constructing a new warehouse that will allow an extra storage of a further 30,000 pallets, in five automated robot aisles, dedicated to the ‘just in time’ material preparation. The goal is to prepare all orders within the 8 hours from time of arrival and to ship worldwide within 24 hours.

“The improved technical features of the new stock will also lower the margins of error with more precision sophisticated machinery. We will have a totally automated 24 hours system, the machines are operational round the clock. At night the machines are at work for the optimisation of the goods spots, not only on the basis of actual orders, but also on probability of potential ones,” explains VIPA.

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